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Grooming Guide To Getting Older

Grooming Guide To Getting Older

As with any aspect of getting older, routines you might have settled into in your twenties and thirties have to change as you enter your forties. From receding hairlines and stray greys, to tired eyes and fine lines; your forties will likely present a whole host of changes to your looks that aren’t always welcome. Luckily, Murdock’s expert barbers have some tips and tricks up their sleeves to make sure you head into your fifth decade looking, and feeling, fantastic.

Dealing with Thinning Hair

Thinning hair is the most common issue many of our customers face as they hit their 40s, and it’s better to address the issue sooner rather than later. In the first stage you don’t need to be too rash; use a volumising product such as our best-selling Sea Salt Spray to inject instant volume and matte texture into the hair follicles, helping to camouflage your more lightweight locks.

As thinning progresses, it’s worth visiting your barber to discuss changing your haircut to a style that draws attention away from the sparseness. But sooner or later, you may want to reach for the razor and take control of the situation whilst your dignity is still intact. In this case, you might want to move the attention onto your beard and invest in some beard care products to help you grow, shape and maintain unrivalled facial hair at home.

Dealing with Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Between harsh weather, UV rays and pollution, city living can really give your skin a run for its money. In your twenties, your skin is laced with collagen to give it the elasticity and strength it needs to brave the elements on a daily basis, but once you hit your forties you’re going to need a little more help. Our Face Moisturiser is specifically designed for men in need of hydration. With an energising complex of ingredients specially chosen for the active city man, it helps to protect the skin from pollution and oxidative stress, as well as increases the skin's volume of collagen production, making your complexion feel smoother and firmer from the very first application.

Dealing with Migrating Hair

One of the cruellest parts of getting older is noticing that, not only is the hair on your head getting thinner, but it also seems to be migrating to other areas instead; namely, your ears, nose and eyebrows. Keep those areas in check with our Murdock Man’s Manicure Kit, containing nickel plated nail clippers, beard and nose scissors, nail nippers, tweezers and a file, to make sure you make a lasting first impression.


For more advice on upkeep in your forties, check out our grooming tips and tricks for men, and get insights from our expert barbers to master your grooming upkeep.

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