How to apply cologne

How To Apply Cologne

Your cologne should be as individual as you are. It should always suit your personality and character and be a fragrance you cherish and apply with care. Aim to create a subtle signature scent, rather than overwhelm with too vigorous an application. Over doing cologne is a common mistake. It's easy to douse yourself ahead of a big meeting or first date, only to overpower everyone in the room. A sophisticated fragrance should be subtle and kept to your personal space. Only when coming close should anyone be able to appreciate how good you smell and of course they won't forget the powerful effect of a good cologne.

So how should you apply cologne and how much is too much? We asked the  Murdock team to share some key tips to ensure you get it just right and make a great impression every time.

How much cologne should I apply?

"Fragrance should be sprayed a maximum of three times upon application." confirms Deborah at our Shoreditch barbershop. "You get used to your fragrance within 30 minutes, so a common mistake made by many guys is to assume that nobody else can smell it anymore and then go to town with how much more they put on, not realising that it is really overbearing."

Where should I spray cologne?

"The best areas to spray would be on one's neck, the crease of your arm (inner elbow) and wrist. Here, the cologne benefits from body heat which will warm through the fragrance. The subtle scent will also be appreciated when offering somebody a handshake." Deborah continues. Master Barber Alex Glover reaffirms that the essential target area to spray is indeed the back of one's neck: "Heat is continuously produced here which will keep the fragrance alive throughout the day. Less is more upon application. Remember that even when you can no longer smell your cologne, everybody else still can. Also, if you like to spray cologne on your wrists, be sure to avoid the common mistake of rubbing them together as this disrupts the molecules of a fragrance." Choosing where exactly you spray your cologne might ultimately come down to personal preference, but the notion of 'less is more' should always be considered when it comes to the amount that you apply. To conclude, Mr Sean Chenery from Hackett Spitalfields offers some firm advice on where to never spray cologne: "Your chest, your downstairs region and your bed sheets. These are all truly terrible ideas."

The unique properties of Murdock London cologne

Having carefully sourced natural, raw ingredients to create our collection of British colognes, each unique scent provides an adventurous foundation for your skin, reflecting the character of the modern gentleman, his taste, style, travels and cultural pursuits. With each fragrance naturally triggering and attracting the senses, the further benefits of the sultry and evocative scent notes used in our formulas is their ability to blend together. Not only can you transition smoothly from morning to evening fragrance, but each Murdock cologne can actually be layered with another, blending together to form a unique and refreshing scent creation.

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