The Murdock Fragrance Shopping Guide

The Murdock Fragrance Shopping Guide

Our barbers firmly believe that a man’s signature scent should stand out on its own and represents his personality and character. We've worked with a top fragrance house to created four original and distinct colognes that are masculine, sophisticated and long-lasting.

Understanding Cologne

The Murdock Cologne Collection boasts deep, desirable scent notes and represents fragrance families spanning Oriental (think rich aromas of amber and patchouli), Woody (think aromatic woods and vetiver) and Floral and Fresh (think lighter, zesty fruit and citrus). Our Colognes also contain more raw perfume oil than a simple aftershave, which brings a greater balance to their overall fragrance and ensures they are strong enough to last all day and long into the night. 

Reading and appreciating scent notes on paper is one thing, but when fragrance is applied to skin it really comes into its own and thrives differently depending on its wearer. This is because natural pheromones (chemicals produced by our bodies that give off scent signals) differ based on a person’s skin type as well as lifestyle, environmental and dietary factors. A change in mood can even impact how your scent comes across. All men were born equal, some just smell better than others and you can back a good quality Cologne to complement and enhance your body’s natural smell, rather than just cheaply mask it.

Wearing Cologne

First impressions count. So to feel your most attractive and confident target just a few sprays towards the back of your neck, inside your wrist and inside your elbows. Cologne benefits from natural body heat in these areas, which will warm through the fragrance and help radiate its powerful, distinct notes into the air around you.

A common mistake is to assume that nobody else can smell your scent after a while and then overload it with another application. Remember you can get used to your fragrance within about 30 minutes, but this doesn’t mean it isn’t still there for others to pick up on. As with the majority of good quality grooming products, a little goes a long way. To also preserve the quality of your cologne, keep it stored as you would your favourite bottle of single malt; in a cool, dry and dark environment.

Finding Your (Or Someone Else’s) Fragrance


Black Tea - The Elegant Traveller

Top Notes: Black Tea, Bergamot

Middle Notes: Davana, Geranium

Base Notes: Cedarwood, Amber

Black Tea is proudly regarded as our signature scent. It is the first thing that greets you when stepping in our barbershops and promises to leave a lasting impression on your way out. A blend of sensuous spices that continue to develop over time without overpowering the senses. Evocative, masculine and satisfyingly rich, this is the excitement of new experiences and exploration captured in a bottle. Enjoy the compliments that follow.

“When it comes to choosing my fragrance, it must be Black Tea. It’s all about the masculine blend of spices that makes it stand out and provides a welcome warmth through Autumn and Winter.” - Paul, Store Manager, Murdock Covent Garden


Avalon - The Intriguing Stranger

Top Notes: Orange, Lemon

Middle Notes: Rosemary, Neroli

Base Notes: Cedarwood, Tonka Bean

Avalon’s herbal and citrus notes make for an invigorating yet light cologne with an air of understated confidence. Channel elegance along the French Riviera and cool intrigue as refreshing Orange and Lemon lead the nose to vibrant summer evenings in the Mediterranean.

“Avalon is my favourite from our Cologne Collection, just pipping Black Tea. I love the fresh, citrus top notes that you smell straight away. It's almost as if they can help you wake up in the morning. The musky base keeps the cologne very masculine and I think it's perfect to wear all year round. It's a pretty unique scent. I can't recall smelling anything else similar and I was once actually stopped in a marketplace in Tuscany by a local who spoke no English but wanted to know where my cologne was from! Avalon is also the fragrance that airs through our Shaving Cream, so I always associate the zesty, energising smell with a close-cut razor shave and hot towel — the perfect way to start your day.” - Joe, Flagship Head Barber


Patchouli - The British Bohemian

Top Notes: Cardamom, Black Pepper

Middle Notes: Ylang Ylang, Jasmine

Base Notes: Patchouli, Suede

Patchouli is a decadent, intense and intriguing scent that true to its bohemian nature, won't go unnoticed. Widely popularised in the 60s and 70s for its strength and allure, this contemporary, refined blend of complex and velvety notes casts an air of mystery over the modern man as a warm, sensual muskiness develops on the skin. You can be sure it will keep those pheromones stimulated throughout the day (or night).

“I love Patchouli for its richness and velvet-like texture. For me Patchouli is great for any season but it really comes into its own in the colder months as the warmth cuts through those chilly days. Perfect for autumnal walks or late evening drinks with friends, it has enough body and depth to cut through most environments with notes of Cardamom, Jasmine, Suede and Ylang Ylang. A headturner at festive parties for all the right reasons.” - Aaron, Senior Barber, Murdock Shoreditch


Vetiver - The Rugged Adventurer

Top Notes: Bergamot, Clove

Middle Notes: Vetiver, Nutmeg

Base Notes: Patchouli, Amber

Vetiver is a distinctively clean fragrance with a citrus sharpness tempered by woody base notes. We see it as the perfect partner for the great outdoors and any man who loves to get out amongst it. Earthy, refreshing and grounded with an appealing zesty edge. Sound familiar?

“I love Vetiver because of its fresh yet woody scent. It reminds me of being out in forests and woodland areas. A must-wear to break through the humidity of the city life or to just make you feel like you're in the countryside on a warm, sunny spring day.” - Ben, Head Barber, Murdock Shoreditch

The Cologne Collection

Our collection of four miniature Colognes is the perfect men’s fragrance gift solution and the best way to introduce yourself, or somebody else to the Murdock Colognes for the first time. At 10ml, each bottle is also flight-friendly, so you will never have to compromise on scent quality while on your travels. Use our barbers’ trusty guidebook to discover even more about each cologne and find that perfect fragrance.

Tips For Shopping Cologne For Yourself

When it comes to trying out a new fragrance be sure to always apply it directly to your skin where possible. It will never smell quite the same either on a sampling card or another person. So give it some time to develop with your unique attributes and it should hit all the right notes.

A good quality cologne will complement and enhance your natural scent, so how do you know when you’ve found ‘the one’? Not to get overly romantic, but it is really all about how it makes you feel. You can lean on others for advice, but you should ultimately trust your instincts. When you know, you will really know.

Tips For Buying Cologne For Somebody Else

Gifting cologne is always a winner. Murdock unique colognes not only smell amazing but they are beautifully packaged, making them a truly luxurious gift. Each gift box comes with a Cologne King Card to explain more about the fragrance. 

The best advice we can give when looking to gift a fragrance is to really hone in on what you know they do and don’t like. If you know that they love the smell of Sandalwood for example, then any fragrance that contains it will most likely appeal to them and this will give you a clearer avenue of options to explore. Likewise if you know they aren’t really into Vanilla, then there’s a good chance that no amount of scent notes added to it will make them want to wear a fragrance with that as its base. This may require some subtle digging for clues before you start shopping, but the pay-off when you see those eyes light up, knowing you’ve absolutely nailed it, will make the journey worthwhile

Of course if you just cant decide then you can go for a gift set of travel sizes so they can try the whole spectrum.

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