How To Look After A Shaving Brush

How To Look After A Shaving Brush

Incorporating a brush into a shaving routine has long been a tradition. Brushes themselves have remained classically consistent in design, meaning that with the right amount of care, you can maintain yours without it drying out incorrectly or fraying hairs for a very long time indeed. The most important part of a brush after all is its bristles - due to their ability to hold significant amounts of water. Once a brush is wet it can mix effectively with shaving cream or soap to create a perfect, rich and luxurious lather. Upon application, a shaving brush effectively exfoliates the skin - removing dirt and reducing blemishes whilst leaving facial hair softer and more easily removed by a razor. Hair falling out of a brush is a common issue due to its crafted delicacy and you can certainly expect to lose some strands from time to time from natural wear and tear. One key tip to minimise this risk is to not just leave your brush facing upwards to dry out in time for your next shave. Your brush may look okay on the surface, but avoidable signs of wear will soon show if it is not stored and looked after properly. To maintain and store your brush correctly, keep it facing downwards - ideally in a fixed stand - so that any excess water can be completely freed after use. This will keep the hair in much greater condition than if you were to leave it upright and will greatly improve longevity. It really is that simple.

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