How To Stop Beard Itch

How To Stop Beard Itch

The immense levels of irritation caused by itchy, dry facial hair can be enough to put anybody off continuing beard growth. Primarily caused by a daily accumulation of dirt, dead skin cells and dehydration, the levels of discomfort can be unbearable to consider. No doubt many of you reading this will have at some point felt the struggle - even a few day's worth of stubble can be enough to spur irritation. It's also important to remember that no matter how clean you keep newly grown facial hair, most men can expect to endure 1-2 weeks of natural itchiness as part of their bearded initiation, caused by new hair's capability of collecting rogue dirt. (For more help at this stage, seek our five rules for growing a beard.) The good news is that by following our simple, essential three-step beard care regime, you will soon find that not only has your daily itch been cured, but your facial hair is also left in a much healthier and smoother condition...

Step 1 - Wash & Cleanse

Our shampoo specifically designed for facial hair can be used with beards of all shapes and sizes. Its pH-balanced formula contains no harsh detergents - unlike regular hair shampoo which can lead to clogged pores and dry skin when used against beards. Effectively removing daily environmental pollutants, Beard Shampoo remains gentle on the face. Helping to maintain moisture and untangle facial hair, this is the perfect first step for gents who want to keep their beard fresh and clean. To apply, simply dispense a pea-sized amount into your palm and rub through your beard whilst it is wet - ensuring a good lather. Always rinse through thoroughly. Shop Beard Shampoo Here

Step 2 - Brush Through

The ideal grooming tool to keep your beard in shape after washing, a sturdy brush will help to isolate long hairs in need of trimming. An essential part of a gent's beard maintenance regime, be sure to brush your beard through from top to bottom for the most effective results from the strong yet soft bristles. Shop Wood Beard Brush Here

Step 3 - Moisturise & Protect

Proud winner of a GQ Grooming Award, Beard Moisturiser is a translucent, easily absorbed lightweight cream which was specifically designed to moisturise facial hair and minimise irritation based on feedback from our clients and customers regarding their beard troubles. Combating brittle hair to leave it soft and healthy, even the finest of beards can benefit. Softening not just facial hair, but also the skin underneath, the inclusion of Aloe Vera helps to retain moisture in the skin while menthol refreshes. To combat dehydration, Wheat Protein further helps to balance moisture in skin. To apply, dispense the required amount of moisturiser (usually dependent on the thickness and length of your beard) to your palm. Spread around both palms and run through your beard, massaging into the skin underneath and coating the hair. Apply as required daily, preferably onto a clean, dry beard. Shop Beard Moisturiser Here We want to hear how you get on with our grooming tips and our expert barbers are always happy to offer their wisdom. Feel free to Tweet us if you have any further concerns or enquiries regarding beard growth and maintenance and we'll be happy to help.
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