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Find the best products for your style.

Find the best products for your style.


Finding the correct styling product for your hairstyle can be a long and daunting road so we've taken the ambiguity away in this no fuss guide to our men's hair styling products. Whatever your style, this guide will help you find your way. If you need to know what works best for long hair, short hair, curly hair, thin or thick hair - it's all covered here. 


Our Hair Play is perfect for mid to longer length styles, this is down to it's loose, cream-like texture. Hair play will define and smoothen your hair with a medium to low hold with a healthy sheen. 


Matt mud is our strongest holding product. This works perfectly for shorter hair styles, warmed through the palms and applied directly to the hair, this product will define your style with ultimate texture and a matt finish that'll last all day long.


High shine, high hold. Our vintage pomade is a classic, water based pomade. Ideal for slick back styles, think peaky blinders. Combed through your hair this offers a super shiny, super slick finish that'll last all day long. It's water based formula means no sticky residue too!


Arguably our most versatile option, the Texture Paste does precisely what it says on the tin. Medium hold, maximum texture. Suitable for short to mid length hairstyles, this will shape while still allowing room for reworking throughout the day, low sheen but not matte.


A wet-to-dry formula for ultimate matte texture with a high hold. The beauty of this product is how it applies like a cream, but sets like a clay. Suitable for many hairstyles, if your desired effect is a beach ready, super matte finish.

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