The Definitive Guide to Sea Salt Styling Products

The Definitive Guide to Sea Salt Styling Products

Sea Salt has long been a mainstay in our men's grooming regime but while it has been whole heartedly accepted by the masses, its purpose and usage sometimes falls by the wayside, or seaside. So if you're not entirely sure how to use our Sea Salt range read our simple guide below.

The objective of the Sea Salt ingredient is a simple one and indeed some comparisons can be drawn from it's use in the culinary universe; In a perfectly seasoned dish all you taste is flavour To continue the metaphor, perfectly styled hair needs the barbers proverbial 'seasoning'. It's the essential ingredient in achieving perfect style. 

So why Sea Salt, surely there's other ingredients out there that could achieve the same effect? When you head to the beach on holiday, or if you're one of those lunatic 'wild swimmers' it's no secret your hair afterwards looks textured, rugged and effortlessly cool. The 'surfer' hair has long been revered in the male grooming world. So how do we synthesize this? Simply mix water and salt together? I suppose you could do that, but you'd find after a while your hair would become dry and under nourished. We include Sea Salt in our spray for the casual, cool just-off-the-beach look. The other ingredients are there to assure you'll achieve this look without causing damage to your beloved locks. You'll gain a matte, textured and thick look and retain softness and a well treated, healthy scalp.

Okay so we've got the why down, now we press on to the what. Our range consists of three options, highlighted below with the assistance of the barbers who had a hand in their creation.

Sea Salt Spray

Here lies the original. When sea salt burst onto the market it was in the form of a spray. Now, what separates ours from others on the market? First and foremost, the clean label, this product (along with the entire range) is vegan, cruelty free. You'll be putting nothing harmful or irritable onto your hair or skin. Typically a sea salt spray will dry out your hair, not ours. Thanks to our carefully crafted formula of natural oils you'll achieve a beach like, matte & textured look all while protecting your hairs natural oils. 

How do I use it? Sea Salt Spray is, in general terms, a pre-styling product. Apply a few spritz's into damp hair and style as normal for instant volume and texture. The beauty of this product is its versatility, it can, and should be used for almost all hairstyles and types. For a longer, wavy style: simply add to damp hair, allow the hair to dry naturally for a great textured, relaxed style. For a short quiff, apply spray to damp hair, blow dry into desire shape & position and finish with a Sea Salt Paste. The uses for this product are endless, the result is always the same: texture, volume and perfect style.

Sea Salt Volume Mousse

For how best to use Sea Salt Volume Mousse we direct our questions to Shoreditch Senior Barber , Denise Maragkos.

What's the difference between the mousse and the spray?

"Sea salt spray is a thickening spray that adds volume and texture and gives a matt natural finish. It's a great choice as a foundation for the styling before blow drying. I find it ideal for choppy hairstyles and normally use it for short to medium men's haircuts."

"Sea salt volume mousse is a product that provides volume to the hair and a matt finish with long-lasting hold throughout the day. It can be used as a foundation for the styling before blow drying or by itself, since it adds definition to hair. It's great for shaping curly and wavy hair and particularly medium to long hairstyles.
I find it provides proportionate amount of volume to the hair since it raises the roots!"

How should I use it?

"Generally, the amount of products that should be used, depends on the length and amount of hair. Particularly with Sea salt volume mousse, I normally use for medium hairstyles two pumps and for longer three.
After that, I put the mousse on both hands and run it through the hair from the roots to the edges.
I let it dry naturally or blow dry to add excessive volume!"

Sea Salt Paste 

 Our final product in the range os sea Salt Paste. For the low down on this I'll pass you over to its creator, Master Barber Ben Vowles.

Why did you create the Sea Salt Paste?

"Sea Salt Paste was born out of an idea that you can have a super matte super strong hold without the pain of ripping your hair out like you can get with some clays and pastes. Designed to be wet to dry, it applies effortlessly and moulds like a cream but sets firm and matte like a matte clay but without hair left in your palm."

Why this over any other Sea Salt product?

"As its a finishing product it can be used with either of our other sea salt products. The spray for some added thickness and texture and the volume mousse for added height and hold."

How Should I use this product?

"Super easy, super matte, super strong. Apply to blow-dried hair, rough it up and walk away. Perfect for short rough styles that you don't want to look perfect."


And so it is. Our definitive guide to sea salt. An essential ingredient on the journey to perfect style. Until next time.

Stay handsome, Team Murdock.

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