How To Style Fine Hair

How To Style Fine Hair

Our talented and knowledgeable staff are at hand across our barbershops to provide not just spectacular grooming services, but to also offer help and guidance to men with queries regarding their personal upkeep. Men such as this chap, who contacted us with the common concern of styling fine hair: "I wear a grade 3 short back and sides with a quite sharp side parting and a bit of a quiff sometimes - however my hair is quite fine and limp and most products I've tried over the years tend to weigh it down. What would you recommend in terms of styling products and techniques which would give me the hold I need without weighing it down or looking too shiny/greasy? I've tried Hair Doh before and got on with that fairly well." Our Shoreditch Head Barber Gwen has provided her expert wisdom upon the enquiry and we wanted to share the following options to assist the wealth of men with similar concerns: "I'm all too aware of the challenges with styling fine hair. The essential step required with dealing with the issue is to get some volume into it and there are several ways to achieve this. As this gentleman has mentioned, most styling products otherwise weigh fine hair down too much and too easily." sea salt hair spray

Method 1 – Apply Sea Salt Spray

One of the key products that all Murdock barbers use to style fine hair is Sea Salt Spray. This product creates a new-found texture and a level of grittiness which helps to build a natural volume. You just need to apply a few sprays to towel-dried hair which will go a long way to prevent your style falling flat throughout the day. Top Tip: Before you even begin to consider your styling process, be sure to avoid washing your hair every single day so that you don't completely strip it of natural oils. If you're wary of not feeling too fresh in-between washes, try applying a bit of talc as an alternative to a chemical-scented dry shampoo for an easy boost. Also do introduce a good Conditioner to your washing routine. Hair conditioner can benefit all hair types and contributes greatly to reducing dryness and keeping cuticles nice and soft. This naturally leads to easier application of styling product. blow dry men's hair

Method 2 – Blow Drying

Don't be afraid to blow dry to create volume. Two minutes with the hairdryer in the morning will help your style last so much longer. We understand that blow drying hair for the first time can still be an intimidating step for some chaps, but your Murdock barber can show you the easiest techniques to use at home in order create additional volume, which is the foundation for good styling - especially with fine hair. It only takes a few minutes and will lift your hair game to the next level! Top Tip: Combine blow-drying with a comb or brush to help pull your hair up and create body and weight. Use hot air to help shape your style and then switch to a cooler option to help set the shape. blow dry and style men's hair

Method 3 – Combing

You can’t beat a good comb to neaten your hair out after it’s been washed. Combing helps to emphasise extra volume by lifting hair off the scalp. If you have opted to also try Sea Salt Spray and/or blow-drying, combing through afterwards will help you create a basic, styled shape. product for styling fine hair style fine hair

Method 4 – Styling Product

This gentleman has mentioned several products making his fine hair appear too shiny or greasy, so at this point I would recommend adding a very small amount of Matt Mud to finish off the volumised style and also help rid of any flyaway strands. Warm the product in your hands and then apply using finger tips. Mudd will offer a slight, natural shine as opposed to water-based/wet look products that can make hair look even thinner than it is. Dry hair products should always be used to create a sense of fullness. You can also finish your hair styling process off with a light dusting of hairspray to secure extra hold throughout the day. Top Tip: Keep your application nice and light. Less is more when it comes to styling product, you don't need too much to achieve a great shape - especially with finer hair. Nobody looks good with a head smothered in excessive amounts of clay or paste. murdock london haircut murdock shoreditch men's haircut The glorious end product of styling fine hair by following the right methods Always ask your barber for advice on how to best style your specific hairstyle, as certain steps may change from haircut to haircut. I highly advise on purchasing a hair dryer for home use. Remember, our barbers are always available to help show you the rest. Book Appointment New
How to style fine hair men's guide
There are four easy methods to styling fine hair. This includes sea salt, blow drying, combing and using styling products. See how our master barber stylists advise you to style the best hair styles for fine hair.
What are the best styling product for fine hair>
Murdock London offer the best hair styling products perfect for fine hair from the unique sea salt spray to hair clay. View Fine Hair Styling Products.
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