How To Style For A Wedding

How To Style For A Wedding

You’ve got the suit and picked up the gift, or perhaps you’re the groom or best man with a million other things on your mind. Summertime means sometimes attending a wedding on a weekly basis. If you follow a few simple tips and tricks, you will always be well-groomed and ready to face that photographer (or your new mother-in-law) in confidence.

Keep Calm & Carry On

Obviously to avoid a last-minute, irreversible bad beard trim or haircut, the best style choice is to stick to something you’re comfortable with. There’s no reason to drastically change your hair or beard if you’re happy with it, just because it’s a special occasion. If you are the groom – your barber is your (second)best man on the big day. Apart from telling great jokes, he will help you look and feel fantastic and a great barber will work with you to make sure you’re styled exactly as you want to be. Murdock barber Covent Garden

Plan Ahead

Okay, maybe you're really determined to try something new. If you’re a couple of months out from the big day then great - if I were changing my hairstyle for a wedding, I’d get it cut one or two haircuts in advance to have plenty of time to get comfortable with it. This also means your barber can perfect the new style just before the big day. If you decide you want to change it back or even try another new styling option, your barber will still have time to craft a new look for you over the next couple of visits. murdock london beard trim

Be Prepared

If you’re clean-shaven, wet shave on the morning of the wedding. I'd give it at least a couple of hours before the ceremony to allow your skin to heal and reduce any irritation. If you can't make it in time to see your Murdock barber for the full works, do your best to recreate our luxurious service at home. Soak a towel in very hot water and apply it to your face for a good few minutes before your shave. As you feel last night's hangover soak out of your skin as you absorb the clean steam, you'll soon be left feeling renewed and prepared for the day ahead before even reaching for the shave cream and razor. If you happen to nick yourself, it’s not the end of the world – honest! Just keep a trusty Alum Bar to hand which can instantly treat your skin and hide any cuts. For the best beard, exfoliate once a week, moisturise (with Beard Moisturiser) daily after a warm shower and use Beard Oil sparingly to add a healthy shine. Get your beard trimmed just before the wedding - ideally the day of if you want it it to be really sharp. A trim three or so days in advance should be enough time however to achieve a grown-in shape and softer finish. Treat yourself to a Full Beard Re-Shape with Cut Throat service to make sure your beard is its sharpest and in the best possible condition. johan-barberchair

Keep It Together

So you’ve got great hair and your beard and skin is in check, now for the staying power. Weddings require grooming stamina and you want to stick to products that will keep everything in place without looking oily or shiny in the wedding photos. A matte finish clay (like Matt Mud), paste (like Texture Paste) or volumising powder will work great. If you use pomade, try one that offers a low or medium shine rather than high shine. Whichever product you prefer, remember to use it sparingly. You can always add a little more if needed. You don’t want to saturate the hair with too much. If you have time and you’re conveniently located, pop in to Murdock for a Style & Go, or otherwise invite your barber to the wedding! If you’re confident, blow dry your hair with a few sprays of Sea Salt Spray. This will give your hair the right shape and style foundation before adding product to finish.

Don’t Forget…

If you’re going away for the wedding then take all your grooming products with you (or at least as many as you can pack) – you don’t want to wake up without your go-to styling selection in the morning. Also style your hair and beard before getting dressed to avoid any product residue on your suit. You don't want to be panicking about any stains before you've even left the bedroom. My golden rule is to pick a suit and hairstyle that you like and want. Embrace your own sense of style. I've had clients come back to me in the past regretting that they went for a more conservative cut or beard trim to appease the in-laws but would have preferred sticking to their (equally stylish) skin fade or chest-length beard. As for the wedding itself, just enjoy it. Relax and let any politics or stress wash over you. The more confident and comfortable you feel, the better you will look.

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