How To Style: Barber Hacks

How To Style: Barber Hacks

There's no doubt that strong grooming upkeep is good for the body and the soul. Going beyond the instructions listed on a label, there's a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to the impact the Murdock Collections can have on a man's wellbeing. Below, we proudly share with you our barbers' favourite tips and tricks from experience when it comes to utilising our made in England men's grooming products to the max.

Beard Care

Blow-Dry in Beard Moisturiser: When hot air meets Beard Moisturiser this not only fast-forwards the usual drying process to set in quicker, but also treats facial hair like a serum and better flattens a beard. Moisturiser and Oil Combined: Applying a combination of both Beard Moisturiser and Oil is a custom regime taken up by many of our bearded clients to condition, strengthen and stimulate facial hair to the max without leaving an overly glossy finish. To redeem the benefits of both products at the same time, apply Beard Oil first as it contains smaller molecules which can reach the cortex (thickest layer) of hair. Following with Moisturiser will help to smooth your beard's finish out. Moisturiser and Oil Combined (Part 2): Likewise, if you're not keen on sporting a shiny beard during the day but still want to redeem the benefits of Beard Oil, simply apply it as a leave-in overnight and stick to Beard Moisturiser once you leave the house. Keep It Cool: One to remember for summer; just as you might with after-sun, keep your Beard Moisturiser stored in the fridge for an additional and relieving boost of cool Aloe Vera and sharp Menthol for your beard and face. Exfoliate once or twice a week for a better beard: Face Scrub clears dead skin cells and any lingering dirt will be lifted away from your facial hair follicles - better stimulating the health (and growth) of your beard. Post-Shave Your Beard: While not generally considered a go-to beard care product, Post Shave Balm doesn't just offer the ideal treatment to skin after the passing of a razor. If you're the kind of chap who enjoys a beard re-shape using a straight blade for defined lines, try applying balm to your facial hair as well as the skin underneath. The boost of cooling menthol is just as refreshing for your beard while it goes about reducing irritation and re-plumping the skin. Use an Afro Comb: Beards can grow to be incredibly tough and if you happen to relax on the upkeep, it can get particularly gruelling trying to comb through one. Even if your facial hair happens to just be particularly thick, a long-toothed comb is a fantastic tool to dig deep and effectively relieve knots - particularly within the tricky area underneath your chin.

Shave Care

Apply Beard Moisturiser prior to shaving: Still got a half-empty bottle of Beard Mo after deciding to go clean shaven? It still has great value as an alternative or accompaniment to Pre Shave Oil. When you shave, you lose moisture from your facial hair and skin, so this offers a great amount of hydration to your skin while softening whiskers. Mix Pre Shave Oil with your Shaving Cream: After applying Pre Shave Oil before a shave, add another dose into your shave cream mix to create a more viscous lather. Scrub clean in advance: Prior to shaving, apply Face Scrub to any sensitive areas (spots or ingrown hair for example). The active ingredients can treat ingrown hair and raised bumps around the follicles from shaving damage - keeping the area healthy and much less irritable. Treat exposed skin with Body Lotion: Apply Body Lotion to a freshly-exposed area of skin to help keep hydrated and prevent dryness or itching. (This isn't exclusive to hair removed from your face...) Try to use a brush when you can: Lifting your facial hair out with the bristles of a shaving brush helps achieve a much closer shave, whereas rubbing your hands across your face will generally leave the hairs sitting down - giving your blade more of a challenge and causing an irritating drag.

Hair Care

Run Beard Moisturiser through: One of our barbers' all-time favourites. A dose of Beard Moisturiser run through mid-length to longer hair provides a looser hold and influences a sleek, natural wavy style. Shampoo your hair when it's dry: If you use a strong wax or pomade for styling and find it hard to remove completely, try using shampoo in your hair while it is dry before showering. This can help to remove the product much easier. Dilute your styling product: To style longer hair, take an index fingernail amount of a hair paste (Hair Play is ideal as it is water-soluble) and mix this with a few drops of water in the palm of your hand. This creates a thinner paste. Next, get the mix between your fingers and using them as a comb, run it though the hair from front to back. Use a comb to help if you want a smoother application. You want to really get this through the hair, not left sitting on top, so run it through a few times & make sure it’s even. This method will give you the best natural texture. Try Beard Shampoo on a sensitive scalp: As Beard Shampoo contains a lighter pH-balanced formula compared to normal hair shampoos, you will find it to be much friendlier against skin and so makes for a great therapeutic alternative. Makeshift Serum Beard Oil can be used sparingly as a serum for finishing the ends of long hair just after shampooing and drying.


Not exclusive to hands: A much overlooked region, hand cream works fantastically well for keeping feet moisturised and fragrant. Keeping your feet in top condition will only benefit you and everybody else around you! Scrub your scrotum (not too hard!): Face Scrub if used on scrotum skin is incredibly refreshing (we promise) and will leave the delicate region feeling unbelievably super-smooth. Do just be careful!


Spray Wisely: As advised by our barbers, you don’t need to go overboard with your fragrance application. Just pick the right spots to get the most out of your scent. Often referred to as ‘pulse points’, spray your wrists, lower neck, back of ears and inner elbows as that’s where blood vessels sit closest to your skin and most effectively radiate heat. Don't Rub: If you like to spray cologne on your wrists, be sure to avoid the common mistake of rubbing them together as this disrupts the molecules and top notes of a fragrance. Keep away from sunlight: While that glass bottle with its eloquent labeling might look fantastic in the natural light of your bathroom, you’re doing the fragrance itself no favours. As you would with your favourite single malt, store your cologne in a cool, dry and dark environment to avoid the molecules breaking and reducing the overall lifespan of your fine, character-reflecting fragrance.


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