Why Use Beard Oil?

Why Use Beard Oil?

The key to keeping a beard healthy is to adopt a daily ritual of care. Applying a superior Beard Oil is an integral part of this process for many a bearded chap. So what exactly is Beard Oil and how do you go about using it? The process is incredibly simple and regular application will see your beard growth and welfare thrive. Our Master Barber Alex talks us through introducing Beard Oil to clients and how any bearded man should apply it at home:

What is Beard Oil?

Our Beard Oil is made of a lightweight formula, which we carefully developed to create a truly rich, conditioning and nutritive treatment. Containing an elementary mixture of 100% natural oils, it gently conditions, strengthens and stimulates facial hair.

Who is it best suited for?

"I will always recommend Beard Oil to clients with particularly long beards that are looking a bit tired and have split ends." explains Alex. "They benefit greatly from the injection of moisturising oils that target the hair directly and help avoid it becoming dry and wispy."

How do I apply Beard Oil?

It is always best to introduce Oil after a shampoo and conditioner treatment, applying by hand and evenly working it through as well as possible, finishing with a brush or comb to tidy the shape. Many gents opt for a Beard Oil in order to nourish brittle and dry hair, softening and strengthening the beard. What you should bare in mind however is that if your beard has grown anywhere between stubble and a medium length, oils can leave your skin looking overly shiny. When oil coats the hair it can remain on the surface, not fully absorbing. This is why you might spot a glistening beard every now and then about town. Sporting this look is purely down to personal choice - just be sure to go easy on the amount you are applying if you feel that oil will be the best product for you.

How much should I apply?

"Washing the beard first opens up the cuticles of the hair. The ingredients in our oil allow penetration straight to them." confirms Alex. Just a few drops of oil will suffice per application - approximately 3-4 for a medium-length beard, but more is fine if required. On dark hair, oil provides a great shine and lift. Men with lighter hair however, as just mentioned, may notice their beards appearing quite glossy at first. In this case Alex advises: "If you aren't so keen on sporting a shinier beard throughout the day, a great method to still gain the uses of oil is to leave it in overnight instead." These are the essential steps to follow when applying Oil at home. Be sure to always begin your process with a wash through using Beard Shampoo.

Top tips to remember:

- Applying a combination of both Beard Moisturiser and Oil is a custom regime taken up by many of our bearded clients. To redeem the benefits of both products at the same time, one final tip from Alex is to apply Beard Oil first: "Oil contains smaller molecules which can reach the cortex (thickest layer) of hair. Following with Moisturiser will help to smooth the beard's finish out." - When introducing Beard Oil to your grooming regime, the gratification will not be instant. Be prepared to apply regularly and the benefits will soon come. "You will notice a gradual improvement with oil. It's ultimately a long-term investment in your beard's internal structure and wellbeing."
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