Introducing Sea Salt Volume Mousse

Introducing Sea Salt Volume Mousse

Introducing our brand new hair styling product for 2020! Sea Salt Volume Mousse has been created by our barbers to provide all hair types with a gravity-defying lift. Upon application, you can expect to achieve dramatic volume and a superior hold that will last long into the evening.

"Hair will feel thicker and be provided with a dramatic lift and matte texture."

Proudly presented in our new Post-Consumer Resin (PCR) 100% recycled bottle, active ingredients include Seaweed Extracts which are rich in minerals and vitamins to help hair grow stronger. The perfected dry texture ensures that you, or a certain someone, can comfortably run fingers through.

Ben and Franky, raising the roots

Sea Salt Volume Mousse has been designed to be blow dried in, creating new levels of volume and texture utilising the heat from a hairdryer. Style using a brush to achieve a polished volume, or ruffle through dry hair with your hands to create a more dishevelled look. The latest addition to our Monmouth St. Hair range offers the ultimate flexibility to create a variety of hairstyles and finishes across different hair types, including fine and curly hair. Watch our how-to-style video below and learn how to maximise your application, straight from the Murdock barbershop.

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