Manscaping Advice For Men

Manscaping Advice For Men

However you might feel about it, the term 'manscaping' exists. Defined as "the continued upkeep of exceptional hygiene and strategic hair removal as they pertain to the male body" by none other than Urban Dictionary, terminology aside, there is actually good value in considering your body's overall appearance every once in a while. Naturally with a wider appreciation for men's grooming and better products with which to tackle our hairstyles and facial hair, it's incredibly easy to become distracted from other areas of less obvious and exposed concern (with a wink and a nudge, you know exactly what we're talking about here). Any intimate moments of realisation and potential embarrassment can easily be prevented however and with this post, we aim to quash any concerns or fears you have approaching a whole new area of grooming for the first time...

Where to start?

From the state of your armpits to the seemingly endless sprouting follicles below the belt, there's always room for improvement. It's just the gentlemanly thing to do for your's and others' sake. While we don't by any means advocate that everybody should be meticulously maintained and smoothed out across every inch of their body, we simply understand the desire of many modern men to look and feel their handsome best from head to toe. While some may consider it unnecessary, others will consider overlooking your more intimate areas as a selfish and lazy act. It's easily avoidable - we get it, but consider if you will the perspective from an existing or potential partner for a moment. Go on, have a quick look in the mirror and give yourself an honest review. Would you want to venture anywhere near that in public? (consider armpits, shoulders, chest, back), let alone between the sheets? (you know exactly where to look). No doubt, there's some work to be done.

Whatever you do - prepare your skin.

Cutting corners with any area of grooming will generally lead to irritation and an unsatisfactory end product. With the Rio Olympics just around the corner, we're expecting to see some fine examples of maintained male physique in the name of athletic competition. Using the template of a pro, you'll be sure to achieve a comfortable, natural finish as opposed to something that looks like it's been hacked away at or awkwardly shaped. Before approaching anywhere on your body with a razor, ensure that you apply Pre-Shave Oil to hydrate and raise the targeted hair. This better prepares for swift removal. Secondly, don't forget the after-care after trimming. Apply Body Lotion to a freshly exposed region to help keep your skin hydrated and prevent dryness or itching.

Quick Tips: It's all in the details

Nose and ears Specialist trimmers can cost as little as £10 and are a worthy investment. Some beard trimming devices even offer this as a built-in additional function. A sharp pair of nail scissors can also do the trick to help clear the airwaves, just be sure to take your time when approaching your nostrils with any form of cutting equipment. We know it looks cool and effective, but approaching either area with an open flame is highly dangerous and not advised to try at home. Armpits Your pits should be kept trim to help prevent odour-causing bacteria. After a few razor glides in the shower you'll be left feeling much fresher and also better prevent any warm afternoon sweat drips from seeping in to that lovely new white shirt. Chest Unless you're required to be smooth all over, a little chest hair never hurt anyone. Back and shoulders These areas can get way out of hand with rogue hairs if you're not careful. It's best to allow a professional to do the honours removing these, otherwise a friend or partner who you sincerely trust. Below the belt When approaching your nether regions, clear any bulk with scissors and then take to the area with guarded clippers for a clean, even finish. Do take your time, stretch your skin where necessary and do consider your housemates/partner/anybody who's likely to use the bathroom after you. Either hop in the shower or bath and wash everything away or do your best hovering over the toilet not to spill over the rim (best keep the hoover at bay). It can be a messy job but you'll not only gain a new, refined appearance downstairs but feel all the more comfortable for it. As with shaving your face, the benefits of Pre-Shave Oil couldn't be more valuable when considering your lower region. While we encourage you to handle any manscaping services at home, the Murdock barbers know their stuff when it comes to trimming hair and the effectiveness of supporting grooming products. Feel free to pop in to any of our stores for further advice. Book Appointment New
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