Mental Health & The Barbershop

Mental Health & The Barbershop

Did you know every Murdock Barber is mental health first aid trained? Whether it's depression, anxiety, OCD, psychosis or any forms of mental health we're determined to play our part to break the stigma surrounding it's prevalence amongst men. Our Barbershop is a safe space and we're qualified to help.

The Barber-Client Relationship.

One of the key tenets in aiding your mental wellbeing is talking, and while we're not qualified to diagnose, we certainly are experienced talkers. Pair that with our MHFA training & we're certainly able to assist you should you require it. The barber - client relationship changes from case to case, some gents enjoy silence and relaxation while others enjoy a chinwag. The point really lies in the comfort, as with that comes the freedom to talk candidly. We view ourselves as a potential first step, we're not here to diagnose, just to listen and signpost as and where we can.


As a barbershop we're in a unique space where Men talking to one another is the norm from open til close. With this being understood, even encouraged, we felt as though we could use it as an opportunity to break the stigma around men's mental health. We don't ask every customer how they're doing expecting a full open hearted outpouring of all their lives problems, no, we're simply open and willing to discuss mental health and signpost our clients and colleagues to the adequate help they may require. 

Our Pledge.

The objective in administering this training to our team is solely to create an environment where any customer or colleague feels safe. By virtue of this, it's our hope they'll feel comfortable to talk openly and freely about their mental health without prejudice or judgement. Furthermore, we're equipped to advise on the steps required to make improvements to your mental wellbeing. 

Some Words From Our CEO

"Something very close to my heart and a certainly something that we should all be involved in. Murdock London stands with you in fostering wellbeing. Remember, taking care of your mind is as vital as caring for your appearance. Let's break the stigma, one conversation at a time. Your mental health matters, today and every day." - Graham Clarke, CEO.


If you're here in need of help we can recommend the following resources. As discussed talking is imperative to your recovery as such we suggest NHS's 111 service if your needs aren't immediate, you can also call Samaritans or Crisis free of charge anytime. Our MHFA training was carried out by Aid Training.


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