Picture Perfect, Social Media & The Barbershop : In Conversation with Stefan Clark

Picture Perfect, Social Media & The Barbershop : In Conversation with Stefan Clark

As barbers, we’re always encouraging our clients to bring reference pictures as part of the consultation process. This helps us get on the same page and immediately recognise the look and/or style they are trying to achieve. However, any reference is only as valuable as the hair in the chair, so it’s important to consider your own texture, density, and even face shape when bringing examples.

Social media has made it easier than ever to access high quality hair content online, with barbers on TikTok and Instagram showcasing both their finished haircuts and the process itself. I recently caught up with Stefan, a fellow barber in our Covent Garden branch, to talk all things social media and how to come best prepared for your next haircut at Murdock.

Has social media had a positive impact on the barber/client relationship?

Social media has definitely improved the barber/client relationship insofar as it has facilitated a visual dialogue. My regular clients can bring me pictures and videos of new styles they’ve seen online and the whole process just feels more collaborative and organic. Talking new ideas with your barber can be tricky so any visual aid is welcomed!

What do you look out for when a client brings you a picture or video reference?

The first thing I look for are differences in hair type and texture. Many times, a client will show me a picture or video of a haircut they would like but can’t realistically achieve. It’s important to work with your hair and never against it otherwise it won’t be sustainable in the long run.

How have you found producing TikTok’s and Reels yourself?

It’s been great! It can be time-consuming producing content for social media but ultimately there is no better way to showcase your work. People like to watch the process just as much as the end result, so TikTok and Reels work really well. Its also proved useful as I can show clients potential haircuts from my own profile that they may never have seen or considered otherwise.

What are some dos and don’ts when researching your next haircut?

Knowing your own hair type and texture is half the battle so do look out for hair that is similar to your own. Don’t be that client who shows a picture of thick curly hair when yours is fine and straight. Another tip is to find a barber whose work you like! If you want a layered mid-length scissor cut with razor work, then look for a barber who specialises in exactly that. Most of us have profiles of our work so there’s no reason not to come prepared.

This piece was written by Covent Garden Senior Barber Harrison Hughes

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