Peaky Blinders Hairstyles

Peaky Blinders Hairstyles

What is a Peaky Blinders Haircut?

Featuring trademark undercut sides and textured lengths on top, there’s no denying that like the Mad Men looks before it, the haircuts of the Peaky Blinders have become in-demand, suave ‘do's based on the brilliant styling work put in to the immensely popular TV show.

The practical background behind the short and sharp styles saw them cut so short to ensure that the Peaky Blinders weren’t held back by long hair in street fights. Now sought after and recreated by the modern man, wearing a Peaky Blinders style haircut can often mean fairly high maintenance due to different lengths and textures and the need to keep the finished look in meticulous order. This guide will help you to achieve the perfect Peaky style as well as maintain the upkeep that the classic 1920’s inspired barnets require.

Getting the look

If you’re looking to get a Peaky Blinders haircut, you should first establish the template, so ask your barber for a zero on the back and sides for the ultimate harsh sharpness. Up-top request a textured finish, leaving some length to play with. You will obviously need to have some length up there to do this, so it’s worth growing your hair out first so that there’s room to craft in the style.

Styling it out

There’s no denying that a Peaky Blinders haircut should look fresh whether you’re going for the sweeping fringe of Tommy Shelby or the slicked-back style of his brother Arthur. However, once it’s cut in, it is going to take a bit of time to really lock down a grooming routine to keep it well looked after. The top of your head will require a little more upkeep than the rest (the back and sides will simply need re-clipping when they get a little too long) so it’s important that you invest in a great styling product such as Sea Salt Spray and a Paste that’s going to work to create that textured look or Pomade to keep it slick and straight.

Thomas Shelby

Take a bottle of our hair hero Sea Salt Spray and work a few sprays through damp hair with your hands before blow-drying. Sea Salt Spray is great for creating both volume and texture and provides a clean matte finish, so this will not only create the consistency required but also ensure that the style holds its shape throughout the day. Depending on how you’d like to style the hair on top (which mood of Tommy's you'd like to reflect) you can either brush slightly to the side for a blunt yet slightly sweeping fringe, or you can scrunch the hair to create extra texture on top that contrasts perfectly with the sharply shaved underneath.

Arthur Shelby

This iconic Peaky Blinders haircut is naturally slightly floppier and less textured with the hair on the top left reasonably long so that it can be slicked back and left to drape messily to the sides if preferred. Unlike the choppier look of Tommy’s 'do, Arthur’s is sleek and slicked, a style that can be created using a good Pomade. The consistency allows this product to glide through the hair, providing a firm hold but light shine. Use a flat brush when grooming to reduce volume and appear polished but with a slight edge, in true testament to the character.

John Shelby

If you’re into the slick vibes of Arthur’s hairstyle but want something that’s a little less maintenance, channel John’s shorter-on-top cut. Still a disconnected undercut, this Peaky Blinders haircut requires a little less maintenance due to its much shorter appearance. You’ll still want to ask your barber for a sharp, shaved undercut but also noting the shorter crop on top for an overall clipped appearance, just like John’s.

Caring for your style

Grooming products and regular trips to the barbers are all well and good for style maintenance but every man should ensure that his hair stays healthy day-to-day. Washing out product with a nourishing shampoo and conditioner will ensure that your Peaky Blinders hairstyle doesn’t just look good - even on styled-down days - but also feels great to run fingers through.

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