Get Beach Holiday Hair At Home

Get Beach Holiday Hair At Home

Fresh from a day spent at the beach, dipping in and out of the sea and lazing under the sun (all in moderation and suitably protected, of course), our hair rarely looks better. With a new-found natural grit and texture to play with, we soon find ourselves needing little more than a firm swoop of the hand to craft and achieve a clean, slick finish whilst on holiday. For too long such desirably effortless style has been attainable for just a matter of weeks a year - unless you of course live by a sun-kissed coast, you lucky devil. The application of Sea Salt Spray however can help to recreate those perfect summer waves all year round. "I would recommend combining Matt Mud with Sea Salt Spray for shorter hairstyles and for guys who prefer a choppy and gritty look," tips Murdock Shoreditch Senior Barber Aaron. Acknowledging that the effects of the sea aren't just restricted to chaps who sport longer, surf-associated styles. For said men however, he recommends a combination of Hair Play and Sea Salt Spray instead: "Play is nice and light so it won't weigh your hair down too much. Its matte finish also means that it won't develop a greasy appearance as the day goes on.” See that the body and definition of your summer style remains endless by incorporating Sea Salt Spray into your morning routine. Just a few sprays after towel-drying your hair will suffice and once you get to work with a blow-dryer you will soon notice a huge boost in texture and volume. Discover more about the benefits of using Sea Salt Spray HERE.
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