Shaping And Taming A Moustache

Shaping And Taming A Moustache

An overgrown moustache opens a whole host of doors when it comes to experimenting with different styles. However, once a gentleman has trimmed his beard into a particular shape, it can be hard for him to then go and change it. Making sure you like the shape you’re choosing so that years of hard growth don’t go to waste, is paramount. The Murdock barbers never disappoint when it comes to providing the absolute best in men’s grooming tips and here’s exactly how to use products such as Beard Oil and Beard Brushes to achieve a moustache that you’re completely happy with…

Worn proudly by Hungarian cavalry in the 18th century, the moustache has grown in popularity over the years. Now, wearing a moustache is a fashion statement that reflects a gentleman that isn’t afraid to experiment with his own unique and personal style. With different ways to style your moustache, we show you how to achieve and succeed at wearing styles such as…

The Chevron

Probably the most simplistic when it comes to moustache styles, this neat take on upper lip hair needs to stay just that; neat. A Chevron moustache accompanied by stray and unruly hair is going to look nothing short of a scruffy mess (and not in a good way). In order to maintain the super slick look of the chevron and highlight that blunt, block shape, trim your moustache closely with scissors and slick with a lick of Beard Oil to ensure all hairs stay exactly where they should. Using Shaving Cream and a razor, shave the surrounding areas regularly. Tom Selleck; eat your heart out.

The Pencil Moustache

For those that want to add a hint of vintage to their style, the pencil is a great choice. Minimal but effective, the pencil moustache has slowly become less forties movie star and more of a street style favourite. To really stand out, the pencil requires a clean-shaven beard and just a small hint of beard product to pull the hairs into the corner, giving that signature straight line look. Because the chin and face area will be shaved regularly, a good quality razor (a Kingsley would be a great choice, its single blade minimising skin irritation) and also a soothing moisturiser are recommended.

The Handlebar Moustache

This style is not only pretty sharp (and according to some, ‘the epitome of manliness’) but it’s also great for anyone that struggles to grow thicker hair above the lip, as it can be styled out by thickness at the sides. Originally named for its resemblance to handlebars on a bicycle, the handlebar moustache is now a quirky style that can be easily maintained with the correct products. Due to its signature shape, maintaining a handlebar moustache not only requires a regular Beard Shampoo for thickness and shine but also a strong hold product, to ensure that the shape remains as intended throughout the day.

A ‘Scruffy’ Moustache

A lot more suave than you may think, a scruffy moustache is usually favoured by high profile actors (Johnny Depp, we’re looking at you) and usually requires the accompaniment of a small amount of stubble. Although probably the easiest ‘tache to maintain, as it doesn’t require much grooming, it’s important to ensure that, despite being known as ‘scruffy’, this style of facial hair is still well looked after. Use a Beard Oil to maintain shine and thickness (as well as protecting the skin underneath that can often become irritated and itchy with stubble) and try a pocket folding beard comb to ensure that ‘scruffy’ look doesn’t get too out of hand.

The Gunslinger

This look combines the class mutton chops beard style with the upside-down horseshoe moustache. By combining two beard and moustache styles, you’re giving your look a little extra flair. But of course, with flair comes maintenance; and, once you’ve walked the long road of growing and then styling out this particular look, it would be a total shame to fail on the upkeep. To be fair, it isn’t as daunting as it sounds; and as long as you have your hands on some Traditional Shaving Soap and a sharp razor to achieve the lines of the look, you’ll be one step ahead. To ensure this look stays as slick and as clean as possible, it’s also well worth investing in some decent Post Shave Balm, which seals pores, minimising breakouts and has anti-inflammatory properties to prevent a flustered red face – not a cool look.

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