Choosing The Best Products For Your Hair Type

Choosing The Best Products For Your Hair Type

For any gentleman, finding the perfect hair products to suit their hair type and style can be a matter of trial and error. With so many different products available on the market, all claiming to do different things, choosing the right hair care for men can be difficult. Our barbers' simple guide below can help ensure you’re using the right products on your barnet, whether you’re rocking shoulder-length tresses, an impressively high afro, or prefer yourself as more of a buzz cut kind of guy. Here’s to really great hair.

The Buzz Cut

Aah the good old 'get up ‘n’ go' haircut. Probably the easiest in terms of maintenance (unless you have no hair at all), the buzz cut is flat to the head, clippered at the edges and requires very little in terms of men’s hair styling or men’s hair care products. However, with barely any hair to play with, you want to make sure what you do have looks good, with men’s hair styling products surprisingly coming in handy when it comes to the buzz cut. A wax with soft to medium hold will help keep your hair held in place, whilst also minimising the impact with any lateral hair growth around the temples. By doing this, you can also hope to extend the time between shaves or clips, which is not only a time saving hack but also kind to sensitive skin on the scalp.

Curly Hair

It’s not just a well-made hair comb that will come in handy when thick and curly hair becomes a little too unruly, there are also plenty of products to help keep your curly hair in good condition. For a strong hold, so that curls stay put all day, try a texturising Sea Salt Spray or scrunch in some mousse; that way you won’t risk curls dropping and becoming flat. Thick and curly hair can often be a little course; so, whilst you’re using a strong hold product throughout the day, it’s important to wash it out regularly with a moisturising shampoo and conditioner to ensure that hair is well hydrated and doesn’t appear lifeless.

A Big-Ole Quiff

If you have fine, straight, flat hair that you struggle to style, pulling it back into a quiff and shaving the sides slightly can make for an easy to maintain aesthetic. All you need is a good quality comb and a super strong hold product. For a great, old-school inspired quiff, try the Vintage Pomade. This product gives a classic, ultra-slick finish, complete with a super strong hold, meaning your styled quiff won't flop. However, due to being water soluble, it washes out easily, leaving no sticky residue or lasting damage to the hair. Whether you’re styling a quiff daily or testing out a new style, with the right men’s hair care products, this look can work for anyone.


Super suave and stylish, the afro works well with any look or style, whether you’re into tailored dressing or wear a more casual style. Maintaining an afro’s amazing height and body requires a proper shampoo at least once a week to ensure it's in peak condition; along with using a conditioner that’s designed for thick, coarse hair and a regular trim to avoid any split ends or stray hairs poking out from the hair’s overall finish. To style effectively, try a well-made afro comb that’s made from rubber, giving a suitable combination of firmness and flex.

Slick Back & Sharp

This style is perfect for anyone that fancies a change or is unsure of what to do next with their hair. Whilst the ‘slicked back’ look has a neat and uniform finish; it can work with both casual and smarter styles. Of course, to slick back hair, no matter whether it’s thick, thin or curly, requires a men’s hair care product that will ensure every single hair stays in place. Combine the strong hold, but slick and shiny finish, of a Vintage Pomade with a fine-toothed comb to manipulate and hold hair exactly where you need it to sit. The slick backed look is a classic hairstyle that has re-emerged, with a lot of gents enjoying combining its vintage vibes with modern, fashion-forward dressing. Why not give it a go?

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