The Benefits Of Synthetic Shaving

The Benefits Of Synthetic Shaving

Recently introduced to the Murdock London shaving collection, we have developed our synthetic shaving brushes to provide men with an alternative, effective choice to complete their shaving collections at home. With authentic badger hair often considered supreme when it comes to shaving brush quality - the ability to absorb water and produce a rich, creamy lather is undeniable - it is understandable why you might cast doubt on synthetic hair to match such capability. Not only can a synthetic brush meet such superior standards however, but there are other significant benefits to consider...

Quick Drying Time

Whether you're a man constantly on-the-go or simply don't like waiting for your authentic brush to air out (it can often take up to 24 hours), a synthetic brush in comparison will dry out so much faster. This makes for a better option to consider for shaving on your travels, with the ability to contain your brush in your wash bag without worry of any leakage and damp smells.

The Lather

Some men claim that a synthetic brush can release shave cream lather easier and also thicker. This could most certainly be put down to personal technique, however there is no doubting the ability of synthetic hair to match the lather produced by a real animal brush.

Low Maintenance

How many times have you left your brush stood up-right after use? As many of you will know, this can lead to hairs fraying, losing shape and unwelcome mould developing further down the line. Synthetic haired brushes require little-to-no maintenance in-between use in comparison. You should still remember to store it upside down though for effective drying! Our Master Barber Alex Glover has always proclaimed that his clients with the best skin are those who shave with a shaving brush and rest-assured, synthetic hair has the same ability to gently exfoliate dead skin cells during your shave. The soft bristles are also ideal for working with sensitive skin, reducing irritation. While synthetic hairs may feel slightly thinner and bouncier upon application, their texture is ultimately created to work effectively against your skin. They offer the same lathering properties and water retention of real badger hair, allowing you to craft the perfect traditional wet shave at home.
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