Trending Hairstyles for 2024

Trending Hairstyles for 2024

2024 has arrived and along with it comes a new wave of men's hairstyles & this year we've honed in on a couple of styles we believe will be all the rage for 2024. Haircuts for long hair, short cut hairstyles and even some more simple hair styles for men. Read below to discover our trending hairstyles for 2024.

The Rockabilly

We predict an altered renaissance of sorts for the slicked back, side parted styles we saw almost a decade ago. This time around though we'll see a more aggressive approach, much like this teddy boy inspired cut by Ryan Chessman.

"The top was cut short-to-long to embrace that classic ‘elephant trunk’ style then leaving a slight disconnection through the top and sides. We then proceeded to wrap-dry the sides to create lift in the hair and defused the back and top. After defusing I switched to the cold setting, took the nozzle off and separated the curls to loosen up the blow dry slightly." Says Ryan. 

You'll want to style this look beginning with our Sea Salt Spray pre-drying with a diffuser, and finish with our Vintage Pomade for a classic, high sheen finish. 

The 70's Rock & Roller

Another foray into a bygone era, the longer hairstyle has been a mainstay in men's fashion forever. Though it's mainstream popularity ebbs and flows, we predict longer hair will be as popular as ever this year. Forget man buns, forget top knots, we're talking luscious long, textured layered hair. Curly, wavy, longer length haircuts are coming and you bet we're ready.

"This haircut was inspired by late 60s to early 70s fashion and style. In this period men started to grow their hair out to be a bit more loose and natural. Musicians like Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan and David Bowie are what sprung to mind as inspiration for this haircut." Says Ryan.

"I used a mixture of blunt and point cutting techniques to give a variety of different textures running through the haircut.
To dry the hair I sat the client back and started to defuse the hair. For your day to day clients can use this technique if they’d like a bit of volume, alternatively drying it naturally will suffice. Once dried I deep point cut and sliced the hair to remove the bulk and soften the cut." Continues Ryan.

To style this cut you'll want to use our Sea Salt Volume Mousse when drying the hair and some Textured Hair Cream so softly define. 


So there you have it, our expert barbers guide to the hairstyles we think will be hot for 2024. Any thoughts? We'd love to hear from you, check us out on Instagram where you'll find new styles, products and much more! You'll also find this feature in Modern Barber.

Stay Handsome, Team Murdock.

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All Photography curtesy of Kane Layland Photography

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