Beard Styles

Beard Styles

Welcome to our Beard style journal. Wherever you look at men's fashion you'll see men rocking beards of all styles: goatee beard, fade beard, stubble beard, long beards and many more. 

 We've applied our expert knowledge to break down the signature beard styles into 5 categories. Each style has a plethora of options within, however we feel after this piece, you'll leave with a barbers knowledge about which beard style to try out next.


Let's start with one of the most popular styles of the moment - The Fade Beard. A difficult style to cut in, but when executed by an expert Murdock barber, one of the best looking options there is. 

What is it? 

 "A beard fade, is a smooth, blend and transition between the hair or skin on the sideburns, that seamlessly blends into the length of the beard. Gives the beard tighter sides with more dimension leaving a clean sharp finish that highlights the connection between hair and beard." - Stefan, Barber, Covent Garden.

Product wise you'll need to moisturise daily and we suggest a beard shampoo and conditioner as part of your regime. 

Next we're onto one of the classic, and most versatile of the group, the full beard. A full beard has full length throughout, no fading. If you're blessed with thick growth, this is going to be perfect for you. A full beard allows you to shape your face as desired, meaning if you have a rounder face shape, you can sharpen it with a full beard by allowing more length through the chin area. Keep an eye on the Long Beard tips from Jay below, these are essentially the same for this style.

Products: Beard Moisturiser, Beard Balm to tame flyaway, stray hair, Beard shampoo & Conditioner.

Tipped by us here to be the next beard trend of 2024, the goatee beard. Think Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom or David Beckham - a beautiful set of luminaries for sure! The goatee beard keeps length in the moustache and chin whilst trimming the rest super short, this style works excellently for squarer, more angular face shapes as it plays on the stronger jawline. 

Is this for me?

"The goatee is arguably even more of a statement piece than a moustache. It's a style that can suit very well, but it can also look out of place.

If you're someone who doesn't grow a full beard, it can be a great way to include some facial hair into your look. Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp are great examples of working with less growth. I personally think that if you only grow facial hair on the top lip and below the bottom lip, their signature styles will work for pretty much everyone.

For those who grow fuller beards that want to try a goatee, the options are a little more plentiful, Paul Hollywood, Rafa Benitez, and Jeff Bridges all have much fuller goatee styles. This is a bolder statement style, and whether or not this will suit you is all about attitude. If you can walk the walk then you can rock the locks. If you're unsure on which style will suit you if any at all I'd recommend you visit your barber to discuss what will and won't work for you." - Ben, Master Barber, Soho.

 Products: Due to the short nature of this style we suggest only a beard moisturiser. 

The style that requires the most dedication and work, the long beard. A finely trimmed and maintained long beard is what propels you from looking like you've never heard of a razor to looking like the razor has no right to be in your company.


"Trim at the barbers every 4-6 weeks when desired length is attained. Light trimming of only hairs that stick out with scissors and depending on moustache style, potentially scissor trim off the lip. Only trim perimeters as internal lengths are needed to create outline shapes. Natural faded lines are best on the cheeks and neck for lower maintenance. carry a brush or comb to avoid touching the beard out of nerves or anxiety as this will affect density in the future." - Jay, Senior Barber, Soho.

Products: The full whack required here. Moisturise daily, apply beard Oil 2/3 times a week. Use our Beard shampoo and conditioner daily.

The easiest of the bunch to achieve, but with some barber approved intel, you can make even this simple style stand out & compliment your look. Some of our stubble beard heroes include the afore mentioned David Beckham, Jamie Rednkapp & Adam Levine. This style is as simple as it sounds; one even, short grade all over. You should avoid sharp, clean lines around the neck, instead gently tapering the stubble creates a natural, devil may care look. 

Products: Keep it simple and use our beard moisturiser daily. 


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