Veganuary, Mens Vegan Skincare & Beyond.

Veganuary, Mens Vegan Skincare & Beyond.

In this fast paced, ever changing world it's often difficult to decipher between what's staying and what's going, much less what's true and what's false. There's swiping, scrolling, streaming and at every corner we're greeted with new information and intelligence about, half the time, something we don't necessarily define as important. Occasionally however we'll reach a truth we can't ignore, something of grand importance. For us, this was our Clean Label promise.

We're acutely aware that the ingredients being used by some of our competitors are the antithesis of clean, they're harmful to you and the environment. This for us isn't acceptable, after all, we don't gamble with men's health, and we certainly wish to pose the least threat to the environment as we possibly can.

We're extremely proud to boast a range that's vegan in its entirety, from our best-selling Sea Salt Spray all the way to our entirely vegan Beard Brush; the first of it's kind, too.

Everything of ours you see, touch, use and smell is vegan. You can be sure too, we're not resting on our laurels, this journey is infinite and we'll continue to adapt and learn in conjunction with the ever changing landscape.

Until next time, Stay Handsome.

Team Murdock.

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