What Dad Really Wants

What Dad Really Wants

Father's Day is on its way, and dads across the UK are standing in front of their bathroom mirrors, taking a deep breath and practicing their line, "Another pair of socks! What a lovely surprise!" So, this Father’s Day, why not break the mould and get Dad a gift that will leave him looking, and feeling, fantastic. Here are our expert barbers' top picks of what your Dad really wants this Father’s Day.

Beard Oil

Designed to mimic the natural oils of your skin, Beard Oil is the Holy Grail when it comes to maintaining luxurious facial hair. Not only does it penetrate the hairs to keep them smooth and shiny, it also helps to hydrate the skin underneath to help prevent the dreaded ‘beardruff’. A soft beard not only looks more stylish, but it’s also a lot nicer for anyone else who may come into contact with it.

Black Tea Cologne

Men’s cologne really is the gift that keeps on giving, so to keep Dad smelling suave through summer, grab a bottle of our best-selling fragrance; Black Tea. Spicy yet woody; Black Tea is an intriguing mix of wanderlust and timeless style. Perfect for day and night, it won’t just be Dad that will be happy with this gift!

The Cut Throat

Finally, for those sleek and sophisticated Dads that rock the clean-shaven look, our timeless and traditional Cut Throat Razor is crafted from steel for the sharpest cutting results. With just a single blade, our Cut Throat Razor causes skin minimal irritation while also cutting sharper than a cartridge wet shave, giving Dad the ultimate barbershop experience at home. Visit Our Father's Day hub for plenty more gift inspiration, and continue to browse the Murdock Man Journal for further expert grooming tips and guides from the Murdock barbers.
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