Amy Stevenson


 Hi, I’m Amy! I grew up just North of London, however I’ve always had a love for the hustle and bustle of Central London and enjoy spending lots of my time here.


Barbering was never something I planned on doing, however whilst exploring the hair and beauty industry I found an interest in barbering and never looked back!

I love being able to make people feel good, confident and better than when they walked in. I enjoy creating styles tailored to each client and staying up to date with trends and the newest looks.

If you’re not into football chat I’m your girl! I love discussing new drinking or eating spots in London.

I enjoy travelling as much as possible (chasing the sun!), I love to learn about new cultures and aspire to travel to as many new places as I can.

I’ll always aim to make sure my clients are as comfortable as possible throughout their experience, so please do come in for a good chat or simply sit back and relax!
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