Aaron Walker-Wright

Senior Barber

I got into barbering as I’ve always been creative and have always preferred jobs within the creative/artistic sector.


Hi, I'm Aaron, I've been working at Murdock since 2014 and I’ve always been at the Shoreditch branch since I started. I really enjoy working in this shop as it’s in a great location and we have amazing clients. We have a great vibe and atmosphere in the shop and a really strong team.

I didn't start my life off as a barber. I studied Photography & Graphic Design at Leeds University, so I've always had a creative flare. I've always been interested in the hair industry and the ability to create something new from scratch.

I'm quite a lively character and always like to be involved with the conversation on the shop floor whether it be joking, serious or arguing about football or whatever happens to be going on in the world. I do also like the quieter more in depth one on one conversations with my clients or simply allowing them time to relax read a magazine and to enjoy a drink and escape from the hustle and bustle of Shoreditch.

I also like to go on adventures around the world. I recently travelled to Cuba and Iceland and most recently Peru where I travelled to Machu Pichu on a five-day trek in the mountains and also to the Amazon rain forest. Out of work I like to compete in running events and to stay fit and active whether that be team sports or going on a solo run or smashing out a HIIT session.
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