Joe Pomper

Master Barber


I joined Murdock to focus solely on barbering. I’m hugely passionate about the work involved and creating men’s styles.


Hi I’m Joe and I’m the Flagship Head Barber here at Murdock London and I am based in the Covent Garden store. 

I've been cutting hair since I left school, starting in a small shop in Essex, a stone's throw from my Mum's house, the easiest commute I ever had!

I've been fortunate enough to travel and experience cutting people's hair all over the world; from New York to New Zealand or beaches in Asia and backpackers in Australia. 

I would describe my barbering style as traditional and natural. I enjoy planning the hair cut, creating the shape and then seeing the style develop. I am comfortable with longer, messier styles as well as a short back and sides.

I love being a Barber and I love the atmosphere in our Barbershops. The buzzing of clippers, chatter and laughter, smell of cologne, you cannot beat it. 

It's always a pleasure seeing new or regular faces and having a conversation about all things unimportant.

Pop in and see us, mine's a flat white from Monmouth Coffee and 'The Arsenal' is subject of the day.

Fun facts

My Nan has never liked a single Haircut that I have had.
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