Beni Bergquist


Hi, I’m Beni! Actually, it’s Bendik, but if you’re gonna pronounce it Benedict - then go with Beni. I used to come to London on weekend trips and I would always go to Murdock for a fresh haircut. I would ask the guys there about how they started their careers and if they had any tips.


My interest for barbering started already when I was a kid and my mum would cut and style my hair almost every week as I always wanted to be the most stylish kid on the block. My passion for barbering kept growing and in 2019, I decided to abandon my career as an electrician, leave Norway and move to London to pursue my dream of becoming a barber. I never looked back, and after four years as a barber, I’m working at the place where it all started.

Cannot think of a better job, meeting new people, making new friends every day and making the lads of London even more handsome - what more can a guy ask for?
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