Barbers’ Self-Care Debrief  Paul: Murdock Barbershop Experience

Barbers’ Self-Care Debrief Paul: Murdock Barbershop Experience

Remember how great you felt after that last haircut? A trip to the barbershop can mean more to your wellbeing than you might realise, with benefits stretching way beyond just coming out looking sharper. You may find yourself able to properly relax and enjoy that dedicated peace and quiet away from life’s stresses. You may also feel more comfortable about opening up and talking about your life like nowhere else because of the unique bond you have with your barber. Self-care doesn’t always have to involve a challenging physical task or require you to learn something new and we think that sitting back in that chair and being looked after by a skilled barber is one of life’s greatest (and most easily accessible) pleasures. Paul, you’ve earned this.

What does ‘More Than A Barber’ mean to you?

Having heard many great conversations between the barbers and clients over the years, I can say that there seems to be a natural bond when clients are in that chair. Not only do the Murdock barbers listen, but they give great advice. Having a place to go and dedicated time just to relax and zen out with people who can go above and beyond; that to me represents ‘More Than A Barber’. At Front Of House you see our barbers working every day.

Do you notice clients seeming more positive after they have had a service?

Yes definitely, there seems to be an air of peace around people after a service. Conservations flow, the barbers listen and it’s not forced but natural. Reading the body language of every client is always key and all of this leads to a really positive atmosphere during and after a service.

Have any clients ever fed back to you about the wider benefits of their service?

Yes, we have many returning long-term clients who provide great (and the majority of the time quite funny) feedback, reflecting the genuine relationships between them and the barbers. More recently I have noticed people talking about how the lockdowns have affected their state of mind and general wellbeing and how the barbershop visit has provided a huge, important benefit – not just for the service but because of the encouragement to talk about how you are really feeling.

How important do you consider self-care to be?

So important. I live in the most wonderful but fast-paced city in the world. Some days you need to just unwind and switch off.

Do you currently factor self-care actives into your own life?

Yes, most definitely. For me this can be achieved by working out which is great for the body, or simply grabbing a coffee and taking a walk. During the last lockdown I made it my mission to just get up and get out the house every day for a walk. Even now I still make those dedicated trips to the Moto! My favourite down time is spent catching a movie. There is just something so fun about going to the cinema and losing a few hours to pure escapism and fantasy. It’s been so great to have this back.

How did you feel after your barbershop experience? Did it affect you positively?

Stress-free! Even though I know the barbers so well personally, there was something about being in that chair that just encouraged me to open up more and talk about anything – I mean anything! Going over any issues like this can give you a great sigh of relief and a clearer head.

Is there anything else that you are now keen to try following on from this activity?

We are about to head into our peak festive period, so while I’m now personally going to start allocating a bit more time to get in the barber chair to get a cheeky trim, I’m also going to encourage every other team member to jump in to unwind like this more regularly as well. This could be just a quick tidy-up of the beard or a touch-up on the hair, either way I like knowing that you’re always going to look great and feel better afterwards

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