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The Modern Mullet

The modern mullet has become something of a phenomenon of late, and as far as we can tell its popularity is only cont...


The Definitive Guide to Sea Salt Styling Products

Sea Salt has long been a mainstay in our men's grooming regime but while it has been whole heartedly accepted by the ...

Beard & Moustache

How to Style Our World Cup Grooming Heroes

Who'd have thought we'd be here; winter, December, writing about World Cup football. Confused we are, complaining we ...


Barbers’ Self-Care Debrief Paul: Murdock Barbershop Experience

Remember how great you felt after that last haircut? A trip to the barbershop can mean more to your wellbeing than yo...


Barbers’ Self-Care Debrief Miles & Joe: Stretch Inc.

Stretch Inc. are experts in assisted-stretching, mobility and flexibility training. There are so many benefits to gai...


Barbers’ Self-Care Debrief Franky: Yoga

Yoga Rise have studios across London but also offer remote classes to follow on-demand in the comfort of your own ho...


More Than A Barber: Self-Care & Wellbeing

  At Murdock we care about men’s mental health. Being ‘More Than A Barber’ is about having the awareness and ability ...


Introducing The Daily King Street Range Routine Maintenance For Fresh, Clean Skin

 In our day-to-day lives it’s fair to say that not every morning can get off to an ideal start. Snoozed alarms, urgen...


Our Clean & Cruelty-Free Promise

As a fundamental part of our Clean Label statement, we ensure that no Murdock products are tested on animals. To us,...


Bill’s Bootcamp

How To Improve Your Fitness - Step 1: Back Day Fitness. Now this is a subject getting bounded around a lot nowadays...


Meet Our Man In NYC: Jason Biggs, Barber & Now Debut Author

Over the last year or so many of us have succumbed to passing any spare time at home with a bit of baking, the odd sp...


Back to Barber Life, Back To Reality - Katherine

We’re now just days away from reopening, so it’s time to wrap up our series of Lockdown Barber Blogcasts before our t...
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