How do I use a Pomade?

How do I use a Pomade?

John Travolta in Grease. Alex Turner in the rockabilly renaissance days. Arthur Shelby in Peaky Blinders and the infamously handsome Paul Newman. All incredible style icons with envious haircuts which are all intrinsically associated with pomade.

While we here at Murdock HQ completely love these styles, what if we were to tell you there's more to our Vintage Pomade than meets the eye? What if we told you our Vintage Pomade is every bit as versatile as any other product in our range?

Spoiler alert, it is.

We sat down with a few of our barbers to talk about some other ways gents can use our Vintage Pomade.


What would you say makes our Pomade different and versatile?

 Because our Pomade is water based the hold is slightly firmer than an oil based pomade. This allows it to be a great styling product for shorter, textured styles. It will give a super separated texture with shine, as well as being perfect for the classic slick back looks commonly associated with a pomade. - Soho Head Barber, Ben Vowles.

What's your favorite cut to style with Pomade?

I like to use it with a short choppy crop which will give you a wet look effect, similar to Ryan Gosling's hair in Blade Runner (see below). I also regularly use it in towel dried, curly hair for a more soft, natural look. - Shoreditch senior Barber, Aaron Walker - Wright.

There you have it, our old friend Vintage Pomade. Often misunderstood, but not to those in the know - which is now the company you find yourself in. Stay Handsome.


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