How to use Shave Gel

How to use Shave Gel

Why We Made It

 Our barbers consider traditional wet shaving as something of an art form. A process that warrants taking considered time over for the ultimate sense of relaxation and renewal. That being said, we can’t all dedicate 45 minutes towards shaving every single day - not even expert barbers. Daily Shave Gel has been created for this exact reason. To effectively conduct a quicker shaving experience without compromising any of the quality in performance. It provides a clean, soothing surface cushion for any razor to glide effortlessly across without causing a hint of irritation.

How To Use

 To apply, there is no prep required, just a clean pair of hands and you will have a sharp shave wrapped up in minutes. Simply add a splash of water to create a light foam, or apply the Gel neat to a more targeted area of facial hair straight from the bottle. Once you get to work with your razor, enjoy that smooth, cool and irritation-free finish with a lasting scent that nods to the atmosphere of the Murdock Barbershops.

 Key Ingredients

This blend of Clean Label ingredients ensures a safe, smooth everyday shave. Salicylic Acid removes dead skin cells and exfoliates the pores, helping to reduce acne, redness and inflammation. Glycerine provides moisture and protection to the skin and Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil works as an anti-inflammatory, providing the skin with a protective barrier.

Barber’s Tip

Guys with beards should not go overlooking this product! Those cheek and neck lines aren’t going to keep themselves tidy and the clean texture of this gel provides a perfect, translucent visual guide compared to heaps of foam for when it comes to cutting nice clean edges into a beard

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