Five Fragrance Facts For Men

Five Fragrance Facts For Men

We've long preached that a cologne can help define a man's character. We would also go as far as to say that becoming slightly obsessive about distinctive scents and ingredients should be a staple trait for the modern gent to own.

It worked for our barbers when developing the Murdock Cologne Collection and it can work for you too when searching for that signature fragrance.

We could probably go on about fragrance forever, so below we have condensed five rather useful facts and pointers to help you on your way to better understand how fragrances work. So prepare to refine that sense of smell, gain some more valuable lifestyle trivia and most importantly, understand how to make your body smell the most attractive it ever has.

1. The base notes dominate

30 minutes is the time it takes for the ‘base notes’ of a fragrance to appear. These are the notes that predominantly linger as they are made of the largest molecules, making them the slowest to evaporate from a cologne’s overall blend of ingredients.

2. It takes a little time

You can expect the top notes from your chosen fragrance to make the initial impact on both your own senses and also the noses of those around you. Top notes usually last between five minutes and half an hour before making way for the other notes to take prominence. (We advise waiting at least five minutes next time you’re sampling a fragrance to appreciate its true distinction).

3. The power of Patchouli (and Musk)

Patchouli has been historically acknowledged for its aphrodisiac qualities. Beginning to draw popularity amongst the free-spirited youth towards the end of the 60s, it smelled new. It was natural, sensual and unlike anything men were used to wearing at the time. It made a statement and to this day still does with the oil's ability to enliven romantic encounters and boost sex drive by stimulating sexual hormones, estrogen and testosterone.

Another significant component found across many luxurious fragrances is musk. The musks used in our colognes contain high attractive and low volatile molecules - which means you don’t actually smell them directly, but rather subliminally. Like Patchouli, musks trigger and attract.

4. Spray wisely

As advised by our expert barbers, you don’t need to go overboard with your fragrance application, just pick the right spots to get the most out of your scent. Often referred to as ‘pulse points’, spray your wrists (don’t rub them, unless you’re looking to disrupt and deplete your top notes), lower neck, back of ears and inner elbows as that’s where blood vessels sit closest to your skin and most effectively radiate heat.

5. Keep away from sunlight

While that glass bottle with its elegant labelling might look fantastic in the natural light of your bathroom, you’re doing the fragrance itself no favours. As you would with your finest bottle of single malt, store your cologne in a cool, dry and dark environment to avoid the molecules breaking and reducing the overall lifespan of your fine, character-reflecting fragrance.

Bonus Tip:

Curious why we keep nosing glasses filled with coffee by our colognes in our barbershops? When browsing fragrances your nose can become overloaded with rich and intricate smells and coffee beans have proven highly effective in cleansing your perceptive pallet - just as you would with sorbet in-between meal courses.

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