Game Of Combs

Game Of Combs

Obviously, the mighty Game of Thrones, the nation’s favourite TV saga, needs no explanation, but between the rolling heads of kings, the growth of dragons and that final episode, we can’t be the only ones that have been looking at recreating the looks of some of the finest, bearded heads – attached or not. Whether it’s the winter blankets of the northern revellers, neatly groomed facial hair of kings in the south, or simply a lust for Jon Snow’s hair, there’s plenty of grooming inspiration to come from the violence infused, middle-ages television craze. Here’s how you can style Game of Thrones hair or don a Game of Thrones beard, and actually pull it off.

Jon Snow

Aah the curls of Jon Snow, so iconic that Kit Harrington’s contract even stated that he wasn’t allowed to cut his hair whilst filming the series. If your (hair) length is similar to that of the night’s watchman and you want to achieve Mr Snow’s signature waves, look no further than our Sea Salt Spray. A texturising product such as this will help even straight-haired guys to achieve that rugged Game of Throne’s hair. For a style like this to remain all day, you want something with a little bit of grit and hold, and the salt provides exactly that. As well as a strong hold primer, long-haired guys should trim as they go – adding subtle layers which can curl up easier. To maintain realistic and stylish Jon Snow hair, a trim is recommended every 2—3 months (don’t forget to pair with a Valyrian steel blade and an extremely shaggy cloak). Good luck.

Khal Drogo

If the look of a Dothraki resonates with your own personal style, then you might be brave enough to imitate Khal Drogo’s signature ‘do. One of the more complex Game of Throne’s styles, Khal Drogo proudly dons the signature Dothraki braids, worn back in a ponytail. If you do have a long hairstyle that needs a bit of character, why not replicate Drogo’s statement-making aesthetic. Whilst you may not successfully lead or have led a tribe of warriors, this hairstyle is one that is certainly full of adventurous style. To achieve Game of Thrones hair braids that not only stay in place but also showcase a healthy shine without drying out, try using a trusty tin of Hair Play – just as the Khal would.

Ned Stark

Whilst his head may reside on a wooden pike in King’s Landing, Ned Stark still has that strong air of masculinity that can be achieved through a rugged, rustic and somewhat unkempt (but not scruffy) look. His combination of long(ish) hair and closely trimmed beard is the perfect fusion of well-kept Lord of Winterfell and slightly rough looking Northerner, meaning, (if he had been spared by the delightful King Joffrey) he’d look just as good in a casual Lumberjack shirt and Vans as he would a tailored morning suit. For the brief time that good old Eddard graced our screens, he could even be seen to don the hipster half up half down, making him way ahead of his time. To achieve this, somewhat hipster-inspired, Game of Throne’s hairstyle, it takes time, with great patience, to grow out your hair and beard. Once you’ve achieved shoulder length locks, simply pull half of it back into a bun. To keep a rugged, but never unkempt, beard, trim any stray hairs regularly and use a great quality Beard Oil for maximum, all-over thickness.

Featured Image by Sachyn Mital

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