How To Buy The Best Beard Clippers

How To Buy The Best Beard Clippers

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There is no better way for bearded men to bring out their personality, self-esteem and their confidence than getting the best beard trim and cut. To stand out as a well-groomed man, you need to also know the best beard clippers or trimmers to use at home, away from the barbershop to keep your beard in check.

A beard clipper is a great grooming tool designed for men who have grown out their beards but want to keep the shape nice and tidy. Having an unkempt beard rarely does any man justice. Your appearance after all matters a lot and influences how people you interact with perceive you.

Buying the best beard clipper for the first time is not an easy undertaking, however. It can be a daunting and confusing task. But then again, it is a wise decision and can be a truly successful endeavour for the benefit of your beard. (Look no further than the HCC's Wahl icon review as a great starting point!)

Top Tips For Buying The Best Beard Clippers

If you have time to trim and cut your beard regularly, then you should invest enough time in looking for the best beard clippers on the market. Your facial hair does not have to cost you a fortune, but it is a worthy investment to make if you are good to yourself and get the best clippers designed for the job. Here are the top 10 tips to guide your purchase… 1. The Clipper Blade You should get to know the different clipper blade types and sizes available. The type of blade will also determine the quality of your clipper. You can’t go wrong if you opt for stainless steel blades as they are durable and don’t rust. This is a great blade that also won’t leave you with scorches and rashes. Titanium clipper blades, which are becoming more popular and standard in design, are also worth considering. 2. Build Quality All beard clippers come in diverse designs with varied levels of quality behind their build. You need to consider the clipper housing and what it is made from before committing. Check if it is made from low-cost plastic that won’t last (avoid!), or a stronger material that will meet your needs and stand the test of time. 3. The Motor The motor of clippers should deliver good power to the blade and keep the device working efficiently. The good thing with most beard clippers now is that they come with more reliable motors that are sufficiently powerful for regular use. There are still differences however that can vary in importance depending on personal preference. Rotary motors for example are generally stronger than electromagnetic motors and better suited for tackling thicker hair and bulk removal, whereas and electromagnetic motor will generally cut faster, quieter and run more energy efficiently. 4. Cordless or corded clipper Depending on your preference, you can opt for a cordless or corded clipper. If you're likely to be grooming in a regular place or for particularly long periods of time, a clipper model that uses cords is great for you and will continue to run without dipping in power. If you like a portable and convenient design that best suits a busy lifestyle, a cordless design can work miracles for your beard and come in handy wherever you might be and finding yourself in need of a trim. 5. The versatility of the clipper A quality clipper should be versatile and more so for a flexible man. The clipper you opt for should be great for both wet and dry beard shaving. 6. Ease of maintenance Maintenance of beard clippers and trimmers may appear tricky but isn’t actually that demanding. You can clean most models with water even inside the machine. However, you should always oil your blades after washing. 7. Cost of clippers Don’t be intimidated by those who rate beard clippers on their cost alone. Decent clippers can price at budget-friendly rates and you should always compare prices from one store to another. Whatever you do, don’t just go cheap and cheerful. 8. Adjustable settings Go for a clipper design that comes with several adjustment options when it comes to cutting lengths. A blade should always guarantee the best cut and trim, but being able to vary the grade of its guard is crucial for avoiding harsh lines and crafting a well balanced and natural beard shape. 9. Brand Reputation Go for a clipper design made from a reputable brand. There are many clipper and trimmer brands on the market - WAHL and Oster are a great starting point. Be sure to also take on board reviews made by other customers to help guide you. 10. Seek recommendations There are many features to look at while buying a set of clippers, so it is wise to seek recommendations from bearded friends, colleagues and most importantly professional barbers who use clippers every day. They are the perfect source for gaining any personalised insight that could prove most handy.

The Bottom Line

There are plenty of extra features that you can also look out for as you buy beard clippers that will generally help you separate better quality models from cheaper, basic ones. If you still find it challenging knowing exactly which set to commit to, continue to consult your barber for advice and be sure to check out the articles on The Hair Clippers Club for plenty more wisdom.

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