Go With The Grain

Go With The Grain

We've teamed up with Wild Turkey, our American friends who craft delicious, authentic bourbon (our barbers have thoroughly tried and tested) to give men the expertise to look sharp and also mix drinks like a pro. Our exclusive run of 'Go With The Grain' Sessions will take place in our Soho barbershop in the run up to the festive season. With an Old Fashioned to hand, you'll learn to keep beards trim, ‘taches tamed, and stop skin looking as dry as January. Not just restricting ourselves to one night a week, we will also be serving any Murdock Man who books a treatment throughout November a complimentary Wild Turkey 101 Old Fashioned cocktail to accompany his service.

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The Collaboration

Much like a good bourbon, a good barber has to be straight-talking, honest and authentic, making Wild Turkey and Murdock London the ideal match. We both know that sticking to tried and tested methods gets the best results. It’s no secret, it’s just having confidence in what you do and how you do it – whether it’s a haircut, a wet shave, or mixing drinks with bourbon straight from the heart of Kentucky.

Upcoming Events

We have collaborated to create the 'Go With The Grain' Sessions to help guys master two essential skill-sets - the grooming expertise you need to look your best, combined with learning how to mix a Wild Turkey 101 Old Fashioned cocktail like a pro. During each session, you’ll be learning from the pros. Murdock’s hand-picked experts know all the tricks of the grooming trade to help you ditch that morning razor duel and pick up some smooth new shaving skills, or if you’re fighting a losing battle with your beard, find out how to take control and sculpt it with style. As the American bourbon known for its authenticity and no apologies approach, Wild Turkey understands better than most that substance is just as important as style. With the art of looking fresh firmly mastered, toast your success with a complimentary Wild Turkey 101 Old Fashioned, while Brand Ambassador, Sam Kershaw, holds a masterclass in mixing to show you how to prepare this classic cocktail - just in time for festive party season. Our 'Go With The Grain' Events will be taking place in Murdock Soho: 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th November, 7.30pm – 9pm. Tickets to the workshops include a welcome cocktail, barber masterclass and an Old Fashioned making session for £10 per person.

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Old Fashioned: 101

A bonus tip in advance: For those who don’t know how, making an Old Fashioned can seem like an impossible ask – yet it’s a simple skill to master. The first step to success is using a big bourbon with a flavour that can stand up and be counted. After you’ve added sugar, bitters, ice and an orange twist, the bourbon still needs to sing, and Wild Turkey 101 fits that bill perfectly. To find out more about our collaboration and to grab tickets as soon as they are released, keep up to date with us and Wild Turkey on Instagram
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