How To Achieve A Fuller Looking Beard

How To Achieve A Fuller Looking Beard

Sparse and patchy beards can be an issue for many men that are hoping to achieve a heavily bearded look. While it’s simply the harsh facts of science that some men are #blessed with thick and shiny facial hair and others, well, less so, there are certain sorceries that can be achieved to make that beard appear thicker, fuller and damn right sexy. If you do struggle with the hairs on your chin and are looking for simple, easy ways to give your beard that extra oomph, then look no further, friend. Because every gentleman deserves a beard they’re proud of; should they so wish.

It’s safe to say that untidy, thin beards are definitely not a look many a gentleman strive to achieve and whilst a beard may just be a beard to some, to others it’s a pride and joy like no other and, more importantly, a confidence booster. You’re probably all too aware that growing a beard isn’t just something that happens overnight. For the lucky amongst us, it may take a few months of commitment and for others it’s years. Years of lotions, potions, creams, oils and prayers. However long it takes to grow your beard, it’s definitely not an overnight job. If you’ve committed to the beard growth and are not seeing the results you want, it’s time to cheat. Because you’re worth it.

Your beard’s colour

Darker beards appear thicker. Fact. So, if you do have a super fair beard and you’re struggling with thin and patchy facial hair, it might be time to start adding a bit of colour. Now, if you are considering this, that’s not to say you should head out and buy the darkest dye in the box and expect to swing out with a beard rivalling Hugh Jackman’s, but if you tint your facial hair a few shades darker you could begin to fill in any sparse patches that may be preventing you from achieving that fuller beard look. For a nice, even, all over full aesthetic, go with a colour that is one shade lighter than your natural tone, so that the difference is effective, but subtle. Anything too dark and you’ll run the risk of the dye job being so obvious you might as well write it on your forehead. Also remember to always run a patch test – a skin reaction isn’t great at the best of times, but on the face? Oh hell no.

Your beard’s condition

This may be an obvious one, but a beard that is in great condition will appear thicker and fuller than one that isn’t. Naturally, some gent’s facial hair has greater thickness than others, but if you do have naturally thin hair, instead of cursing your genetics, nourishing it to make it thicker can help towards that full beard look. Taking the time to find a good quality beard oil and moisturiser will give your (slightly sparse) beard the love and attention that it deserves, and, in return, you’ll start to notice the difference. A beard oil, in particular, will moisturise not only the facial hair but also the skin underneath, to avoid that famous and pretty unbearable itchiness that is associated with having thicker, growing facial hair. This, combined with the ideal beard looking shiny and smooth, means you’d be a fool not to dabble in a little beard oil yourself. With improved condition comes a fuller appearance, as well as less breakage, so you’ll be able to maintain that luscious facial hair for longer.

Your overall health

Although the rate at which your beard is growing and its ability to maintain fullness is largely at the mercy of good genetics, your overall health can have an effect. Exercising on a regular basis can help towards this, with increased cardio known to have the best results. We’re not sure if entering the London Marathon in aid of your own beard has been done before, but, there’s a first time for everything right? As well as getting the old heart rate up, your beard’s condition will also be a result of what you’re putting into your body. So, if your current food situation doesn’t look too peachy, that might explain why you’re having a little stubble struggle. With hair being a protein filament, foods that are rich in the good stuff are highly recommended.

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