How To Grow A Handlebar Moustache

How To Grow A Handlebar Moustache

Some would say a classic and timeless style that demonstrates a sheer commitment to facial hair growth and, some would say, a questionable style that risks conjuring up a ridiculous aesthetic to be avoided by all men. But we’ll ignore the latter. For the gentleman of a slightly eccentric nature, the handlebar moustache is the perfect expression of style, whilst paying homage to a popular style of time gone by. With the help of a skilled barber and a good few months (or even years) of moustache growth, you too can rock the beard of the old American elite, like the boss you are.

Growing the handlebar

Deciding to grow a handlebar moustache isn’t like simply deciding to buy a pepperoni pizza or add a dash of caramel syrup in your latte. No. Before deciding to grow a handlebar moustache, you need to ask yourself if you are mentally prepared for the challenge ahead – do you have what it takes to commit to the task in hand? If so, you’re arguably halfway there. As has been explained before, growing a full beard requires not only the right products but also a large water intake and a healthy, balanced diet. Once you’ve got the growth mastered, you’ll be required to sit back and wait for at least a month before you have something to work with. Once your facial hair has grown an inch or two, you can think about styling out those handles.

Twist and Shape

Okay, so you have resisted the urge to trim your beard or even shave it off completely and you have enough hair growth to finally style it how you like. If you’re still keen to rock out this vintage classic, then you need to get yourself a beard comb. Parting the moustache down the middle, in classic handlebar style, comb the outer edges into that classic flick on each end. Depending on how long you have actually grown your moustache, you can be as dramatic or as low-key as you like. Next, using a decent Beard Oil, secure and refine that handlebar flick, for a smooth and well-groomed finish.

Maintain the Style

Just like a well-groomed hairstyle on longer hair, you may find that your handlebar moustache needs a little TLC here and there to keep it looking and feeling its best. As well as visiting a professional barber (do not try this at home) for an occasional trim, carrying a small but effective beard and moustache comb on your person (it slips into your pocket, nobody needs to know), means you can quickly comb out those handlebars when they start to droop and lose shape; for an on-point style, at all times. With the requirements of the handlebar club stating that your ‘tache must have ‘graspable extremities’, that comb will be your new best friend.

Own it

Whilst it is well and truly a firm part of history, as with most things, the Hipster fashion file has slowly started to re-claim the handlebar moustache and whether you have a petit handlebar or are blessed with a bit more length, you can rock this style whilst staying ahead of the trends. For an even bolder statement, try wearing your moustache with a full, well kept beard.
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