How To Grow Your Hair Out

How To Grow Your Hair Out

Long hairstyles for men have been a popular choice for years but if you once opted for a buzzcut, or are used to regular fades, achieving long locks can seem like an impossible task – with the dreaded ‘in-between’ length being the main blocker between your current style and fully grown out hair. However, whilst there’s no magic potion to immediately achieve shoulder length locks, knowing what to expect and dealing with hair growth in the correct way, will see you running your hand through lusciously long hair, in no time at all.

Embrace the in-between and stay focussed

Growing out a buzzcut or short men’s hairstyle is going to take a lot of time and patience. Before you reach the ‘long hair’ stage, you’ll find yourself edging into a dreaded state of in-between as your hair gets longer. Whilst you might feel like a kid from the 70’s with a spectacular mullet, perseverance is key, because guess what? Cutting it off will see you back at square one. Along the way, you can experiment with different products to create different looks, such as texturising with Sea Salt Spray to tide you over until your desired length is achieved. Whenever you feel like giving up, picture yourself tucking that well-grown hair behind your ear or scooping handfuls of your mane into a man bun. You’ve got this.

Pay regular visits to the barbers

You’ve heard it a thousand times before and you’re about to hear it once more; trimming hair during the growth process is essential for healthy results. Short hair always looks pretty healthy as it’s fresh from the root, but as it gets longer, hair can dry out and split. In short (‘scuse the pun), split ends need trimming to avoid breakages and being a stunt to growth, so get a recurring visit to your barber in the diary.

Keep the washes at a minimum

No matter your hair length, there is rarely a need to shampoo your hair daily. Whilst you may feel it freshens up your mop, it could actually be damaging everything from the hair itself to the follicles and even your scalp – not good if you’re after fast-growing hair. Stripping the hair of its natural oils by too much shampooing is a no-no, and Murdock London recommend shampooing as little as twice a week, if possible, for healthy growing hair. When you do shampoo, stick with a hydrating product that is going to be gentle on newly grown hair and friendly to a sensitive scalp. A good Shampoo won’t damage hair follicles, either, which is always a win when you’re trying to encourage hair progress.

Go Longer on Top

If you want to grow your hair out but fear oversized sideburns and a mullet shaped style if you attempt it all in one go, why not begin by growing hair longer on top and sporting an undercut? It’s a fact that hair grows faster on top so why not transition slowly? Once you have about four inches on top, you can start to grow out your sides – therefore avoiding the all-over same length by default.

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