How To Change A Single Blade

How To Change A Single Blade

A Murdock Kingsley Straight Razor is the perfect shaving accessory for gentlemen who want to start shaving the traditional way, but are a little wary of using a sharper cut throat style razor. As a grooming tool that can often appear intimidating and dangerous on first sight, we want to help quash any doubts over committing to changing the way you shave, away from that multi-blade.

Following these simple steps, you will be able to both handle and equip a straight razor with confidence and pride. Shaving is, after all a traditional process and with a straight razor to hand and the know-how of how to use it like a pro, you should now feel more assured than ever about mastering your grooming routine.

Step 1

Lift the metal catch at the end of the razor.

Step 2

Separate the two metal sections of the razor.

Step 3

Take a double edge razor blade so that the bladed edges are facing towards and away from you.

Hold it from underneath with both thumbs and middle fingers in the middle on top. DO NOT HOLD IT BY THE EDGE OF THE BLADES.

Then fold the sides upwards so the two blade edges bend towards each other. Keep bending until the blade snaps in half while still concealed in its paper wrapping.

Step 4

Fit the now-single blade over the two raised bumps on the lower metal section. Then place the higher metal section on top and squeeze together.

Step 5

Close the catch over the two metal sections.

Congratulations, your straight razor is now ready for use! Prepare to enjoy your closest and most satisfying shave yet.

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