How To Style: Hair Play

How To Style: Hair Play

Introducing Shoreditch Senior Barber Ben Vowles' new summer hairstyle series for The Murdock Man. Each look has been crafted using one of our four signature Hair Styling Tins to showcase the ability and impact of our unique, Clean Label formulas. See a style you like? Follow Ben's handy guides to achieve each natural hair style with confidence and that professional barbershop finish.


The Style

Rob is growing his hair from a shaggy, layered crop, so I just took the length up a little to try and meet the layers. For this I worked a one-length technique with a heavily 'softened' perimeter. The perimeter is super softened/shattered so it looks as though it's grown into that shape instead of being cut into it. This helps the hair maintain a masculine finish with plenty of length.

How It Is Achieved

Beard Moisturiser was blowdried in to help give the hair a second-day heaviness and reduce frizz. Hair Play was then applied to finish and shape the hair and leave a more natural sheen with a loose hold.

Top Tip

Don't be afraid to go a day without washing your hair. Excess oils can sometimes help longer hair sit better and look healthier. Always take a pea sized amount of styling product and work into your hands just enough to warm through. Work through the hair roots to tip and mould into shape. Always start with less as you can always add more!

What To Ask Your Barber For

A longer style that isn't too tailored and doesn't look freshly cut!
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