Introducing: B A M I

Introducing: B A M I

We're so excited to share that our VIP Experience Manager and all-round Murdock Basement (Head Office - for those unaware) Legend Bami has just launched her new leather goods brand: B A M I. Described as a 'story-telling brand with personality', the first B A M I collection includes beautiful, vibrant, hand made cardholders that go beyond their strikingly colourful and patterned allure, representing much more than meets the eye. Below, Bami tells us more about her brand's message and what these incredible crafted items represent... NEXT DROP ASAP PLEASE BAMI!

About The Brand

B A M I is the story-telling brand with personality, creating limited edition handmade leather accessories in London.

Brand Manifesto

B A M I: The state or condition of not being distinguishable as male or female Reflects the experiences, prejudices and orientation of both sexes Lacks social and cultural differences of being male or female Is a state of mind


Genderless Masculinity Masculinity is genderless, ageless, raceless, subjective and individual. It should be expressed freely without the judgement of society.

Launch Collection: One Person Does Not Rule A Nation

Card Holders:

These leather card holders have been hand-stitched and are patterned in Limited Edition Kente inspired prints. I designed them with a traditional card slot and an additional central compartment for extra cards and folded notes. ROBIN is available in two limited edition colourways: OBAAKOFO MMU MAN (vertical yellow, black and red) and FATHIA (horizontal yellow, black, red and green). Check out Bami's sleek new website HERE to browse the collection and discover more. Be sure to also follow B A M I on Instagram for sneak peaks of what's next to come HERE
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