How To Use An Alum Bar

How To Use An Alum Bar

The non-bearded amongst us all aim to conquer the perfect wet shave at home. Our luxurious, barber-created shaving collection can certainly play its part in achieving this, however personal technique and human error will always lead to nicks and cuts on occasion.

What is an Alum Bar?

Shaving cuts can be caused by catching unstretched skin, shaving too aggressively or going over exposed areas too many times with a blade. An Alum Bar is a classic post-shave remedy to soothe and seal shaving nicks and provide instant relief. As one of the most effective instant remedies, the crystalised block when moistened with water works to actively treat and seal.

How To Use An Alum Bar

To use an Alum Bar, simply wet the crystal block with warm water, rub gently on to any affected shaved areas and leave the substance to dry on your face. "You can expect a harsh sting when first applying an Alum Bar to exposed areas," warns Master Barber Alex Glover. However he confirms that this initial sensation is for the greater good, "Alum Bars use natural minerals with antibacterial and styptic properties to stop bleeding and allow any damaged skin to cool and refresh after shaving.”

Top Tip

After use, clean the block thoroughly with water and store it in a dry place where air can circulate around it, as you would with a razor. Remember that shaving should be a pleasure, never a chore. Keeping an Alum Bar handy ensures that even the slightest error won't tarnish your shave experience!

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