The Benefits Of Beard Shampoo

The Benefits Of Beard Shampoo

Why We Made It

Dissatisfied by the lack of options to sufficiently compliment our Beard Moisturiser, we chose to continue our very own development of quality beard care products and created our specialist Beard Shampoo. Our intentions? To enhance the experience of bearded men who resorted to the dregs of their hair shampoo running through their beards and offer an effective alternative to keep beards fresh and clean - removing daily pollutants as you would with a normal hair shampoo on your head. As with the condition of our skin, facial hair is incredibly susceptible to your daily environment - be it the exposure of a bustling city or the natural country elements, dirt, dust and pollutants require proper treatment!

What are the real benefits?

The concept of specialist beard care may have its minority of naysayers, but the kinds of chemicals often used in high street hair shampoos are highly damaging to facial hair. While effectively stripping out natural sebum oils to maintain your hair's natural appearance, when it comes to keeping your beard healthy, natural oils are valuable to avoid it becoming drastically dry, frizzled out, and susceptible to further breakage and split ends. As such, the specialist formula in Beard Shampoo offers a gentle solution to maintaining the natural oils that your beard requires to keep clean and stay smooth. The early stages of beard growth in particular also prove testing on your skin - as you produce more dead cells that get trapped in facial hair, causing irritation. With a tailored formula for beards, this shampoo better soothes any irritated areas, helping to maintain moisture and untangle any knotted hairs. It also offers an instant improvement nursing the onset of itching. While Beard Shampoo won't solely cure the dreaded Beard Dandruff, it will go far in nurturing the skin underneath your facial hair while your Moisturiser or Oil gets to work on those follicles. Be sure to dig deep when massaging shampoo into your beard, extending beneath and down to your skin.

What's so special about ours?

There are a select few inclusions that provide notable benefits to beards during a good wash, helping better create a luxurious lather upon application of the Shampoo. It also effectively removes oil, dirt & bacteria while avoiding stripping skin. Coconut Oil derivative contains anti-static and antiseptic properties while Glycerin further moisturises and helps to prevent breakage. Finally, Castor Oil (not to be confused with liquid engineering for race cars) is antibacterial and contains fatty acids which help to promote natural hair regrowth. Murdock Beard Wash Shampoo

How often should I wash my beard?

Once or twice a week is absolutely fine. You don't want to wash your beard too frequently as you will end up stripping the hair of its natural oils which are crucial to keeping it nice and healthy. While the Murdock barbers generally recommend you don't wash the hair on your head every single day either, an easy routine to adopt would be to go one day on - one day off between your beard and hair shampoo usage.
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