How To Wash Your Hair

How To Wash Your Hair

Getting hands on and crafty with your hair shouldn't just start with the styling process. While most of us may feel comfortable with how we currently approach washing our hair, there are some crucial points to consider in order to treat it to the levels of rejuvenation that it truly deserves. Our Head Barber in Covent Garden, Mr Miles Wood-Smith has kindly shared some advice regarding the matter. Taking these words on board and using the indulgent wash that you receive from our expert barbers as inspiration, you should soon find yourself applying a consistently high level of care at home.

Don't: Scratch

A lot of people tend to scratch at their scalps with their nails which can end up causing damage. Instead it is best to use the pads of your fingers. By moving in a circular motion you massage the scalp rather than attacking it.

Do: Condition

When you shampoo, do condition after. Conditioner should be seen as a partner to shampoo, not just a secondary product. Condition as frequent as daily depending on your hair type. A consultation with your barber will help work out your appropriate frequency. If you have frizzy, coarse hair for example, you don't need to wash it regularly. It always tends to behave better after a day or two. Remember to ensure your fingers run smooth across your scalp as opposed to harmfully scratching.

Bonus Barbers' Tip

One last key tip to remember is that if you use a strong wax or pomade daily and find it hard to remove completely, try using shampoo in your hair whilst it is dry first. It will remove the oil from styling product a lot easier before washing.

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