Introducing Beard Balm

Introducing Beard Balm

We're excited to welcome the newest member of our beard range, Beard Balm. 


Keeps your beard in check every day. Beard Balm allows you to mould, shape and tame your beard with zero residue, pliable hold and low sheen finish. Formulated with Argan oil to condition both beard and the skin underneath. Rub a small amount between your fingers and work through the beard until it’s sculpted to your liking. Great for taming mid length and longer beards.

Head Barber Joe Says:

"Beard Balm is a new favourite of mine and I'm sure all of our clients are going to love it too. I've never known such a buzz around a new product and even had to make a priority list for when it arrived in-store. I use it as a styling product for the slightly longer beards, keeping those strays in check but mainly to maintain and mould the shape. It's so easy to use, scoop a finger tip amount, rub it into the palms of your hands and then massage through a dry beard. If you have a really big beard you may want to add a bit more but start off small, a little goes a long way. I love the healthy looking low sheen finish it gives, which comes from the argan oil, knowing that it is working as a treatment for the beard and skin underneath as well. There is no need to heat up the balm or blowdry it into your beard, it simply absorbs into the hair without leaving any residue. I can't talk highly enough about our Beard Balm, a true game changer for the bearded gentleman, and I'm sure it will be a bestseller."

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