More Than A Barber: Self-Care & Wellbeing

More Than A Barber: Self-Care & Wellbeing


At Murdock we care about men’s mental health. Being ‘More Than A Barber’ is about having the awareness and ability to look out for our clients beyond the service we are expected to give and it is an attitude and ethos that our teams are fully behind. Our barbershops are of course open to guys who just want to be in and out for a haircut. No fuss, that’s absolutely fine. We’re not here to push anybody out of their comfort zone. We can’t emphasise enough though that if you feel like you could use the valuable time of an appointment to sit back, gather your thoughts and unload, our barbers are Mental Health First Aid trained and encourage open conversation in our chairs. They are here to listen to whatever it is you might want to talk about and can also offer help and guidance where possible and appropriate.

Speaking as barbers, we know just how much of a boost a fresh haircut or clean beard trim can provide for your wellbeing. We can’t take all the credit for getting the men of London into good moods though. It is encouraging to see self-care opportunities growing in popularity and accessibility all around us. You only need to walk around our surrounding neighbourhood within Seven Dials to discover some great spots to take some dedicated time out to improve your mental and physical health.

Self-care might not be on everybody’s radar and we understand that it can’t always be a realistic priority amid the daily hustle, but our barbers believe there are great benefits worth discovering when the opportunity presents itself. Never ones to shy away from new challenges, they have been inspired to seek out some of the most highly recommended activities that you can do for a boost of self-care and shine an open, honest light on the positivity that can come from taking that little bit of time out for yourself.

‘More Than A Barber’ is here to stay. If this campaign can encourage even just a few people to give something a go for themselves, we’ll be over the moon. From simple pleasures enjoyed while sitting back in a chair, to technical stretches trying to balance on one leg (great job Franky), we’re learning that there is something out there for everyone. Hopefully this might just help you find your self-care calling

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