Master Strokes With A Brush

Master Strokes With A Brush

Like da Vinci and Monet before them, our barbers wield their shaving brushes with enviable artistry and perfection. Faces full of stubble are to them, blank canvases on which to apply their art. The right technique and application can turn a traditional shave into a luxury experience. This feeling isn't exclusive to the confides of our barbershops however, as incorporating a brush into your shaving routine at home will further transform the outcome for your skin. Compared to manually applying shaving cream using your hands, brushes lift hair and provide exfoliation to the skin - removing dirt and reducing blemishes. Facial hair is left feeling softer, and once raised, is primed to be removed by a razor's edge.

How to use a Shaving Brush

Before you can create your shaving cream lather, immerse your brush in warm water to loosen the hair and let any excess drops run out. Place a fingertip amount of shaving cream in your bowl and apply your brush in firm circular motions to create great texture. To apply the cream to your face, use circular motions again and ensure that the entire beard area is lathered. Do ensure that each stroke is targeted and thorough - you're not rushing to paint a fence while the sun's out. Also remember that if your shaving cream begins to dry, simply apply fresh lather over the top to re-enhance moisture and present your blade with a surface to easily glide across.

How to store a Shaving Brush

To maintain and store your shaving brush, keep it facing downwards - ideally in a fixed stand - so that any excess water can be completely freed after use. This will keep the hair in much greater condition than if you were to leave it upright and will improve its longevity. To help you redeem every benefit of shaving with a brush or to assist with any other shaving inquiries, our barbers are happy to answer any questions that you may have either through our social channels or by popping into any of our barbershops.
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