How To Grow A Moustache

How To Grow A Moustache

Remember, remember the first of November. For this is the time that moustaches start sprouting upon the faces of otherwise clean shaven men across the world in support of Movember and men's health. Still sitting on the fence or lacking confidence? "Choosing a moustache should be a joy not a labour." stresses Head Barber Craig Evans. Don't be unsettled by the prospect of alien upper lip hair, if you're going to sport a moustache for a month for a great cause, then you should approach it with confidence and flair. How to approach a style? You may have never had a moustache before. Or if so it's probably been accompanied by a full beard underneath it. With that in mind, allow Craig's words of wisdom guide you towards a successful Movember. You never know, you may grow attached and struggle to let go come December 1st.

1. Start afresh

On the first of November, shave. A good clean shave. There's nothing like starting afresh and if you're doing Movember properly them's the rules. For the full mustachioed effect, keep shaving the rest of your face throughout the month.

2. Don't be embarrassed

It's all for a good cause first and foremost so don't let the idea of having a few whiffs of flimsy fluff dragging over your lip become a burden, but rather relish in the challenge. Be patient and let the mo' grow.

3. Pick a suitable style

"Don't stress too early over heavier, unachievable styles - especially for the gentlemen just taking part in the month long event," urges Craig. "If the moustache isn't too thick you can grow your hair longer and part it to create a thicker looking layer. Alternatively keep it trim and maintained over the top lip. This gives more structure and a stronger shape. Creating a clean edge both above and below the hair will make it seem thicker.” "If you're looking to style with a curl and twizzle then you should undercut the hair. At this point you may want to see your barber for some friendly advice and to form the style. For longer, more intricate styles let the ‘tache do its thing whilst combing through with a Moustache Comb and using a moustache wax (barber hack: our Vintage Pomade works an absolute treat styling moustaches!). Remember to let your moustache hair grow out before consulting a barber to achieve your look." For a friendly, expert consultation book an appointment with a Murdock London barber for a ‘mo trim. To find out more about getting involved in Movember head to uk.movember.com
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