The Bespoke Beard

The Bespoke Beard

Although there are a huge number of beard styles to try out, finding one that suits the natural shape of your face is crucial for gents that want to look their best. It’s true that a beard can totally change a person’s appearance, but we want to make sure that that’s for the better. Gents, just remember that beard styles are not ‘one size fits all’. Before you commit to seeing your barber for a trim, read all about the benefits of your face shape below to make sure that you’re going for the best option.

Oval face shape

If your cheekbones sit just slightly outside of your jawline and your jaw structure is more rounded than harshly set, then you fall into the category of men with ‘oval faces.’ Some say that if you are blessed with an oval face shape then, lucky you, because this is the easiest shape of face to have when it comes to beard compatibility. Although you’re fairly lucky and can get away with most beard styles, to rock a beard that will suit you to a T, go for a shorter cut with clean lines as this will accentuate the edges of your jaw.

Round face shape

Men with round faces commonly have wide cheekbones, a wide set jaw and a short chin. When styling your beard, you’ll want to ensure that you elongate the chin area. If you want something special up top, you can try a handlebar style moustache, but first try opting for a petite variation - one that doesn’t go past the cheeks - as any further will only widen them. If you want to avoid your face appearing rounder, then don’t choose a full beard or heavy beard.

Square face shape

A square face shape is generally pretty well proportioned, with a strong jaw and wide cheekbones. An ideal beard style to work with if your face is noticeably square, is either a circle beard, which is strong in shape but doesn’t take over the entire chin area, or keep it simple with short stubble. The choice is yours.

Triangle face shape

If you have a triangle face shape, it’s likely that there is a bit of emphasis towards your chin. With that being said, you’re probably looking to avoid too much of a pear-shaped appearance when it comes to your beard and so a larger, bulkier beard would be recommended. Obviously, growing long and thick facial hair, for most, is easier said than done, but with patience and the right products, you might surprise yourself. If it’s possible, and you like the slightly overgrown look, try and go for a lumberjack-style beard as this will taper the chin in a way that offsets the forehead, making for a more symmetrical appearance overall.

Heart face shape

A small and pointed chin are the key characteristics of a heart shaped face. As well as this, the cheekbones are often broader than the jawline, and the forehead is a lot broader than the chin. In order to make keep things in-proportion, wearing a fairly long and thick beard, styled into mutton chops, can work well. Donning the chins of gentlemen for well over 100 years, the mutton chop beard style can certainly make a statement. Not just worn by burly bikers, mutton chops can look just as great with a fitted suit as they can with a leather vest and what’s more, they’re a fantastic way to conceal a slightly receding hairline.

Top tip: A mutton chop beard style involves removing all of the hair from the chin, so we thoroughly recommend seeing a barber to style it with expert precision!

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